National Ignore Day

A person sitting in a peaceful garden, surrounded by a stack of unread messages and missed calls on their phone. They are happily ignoring the digital noise, enjoying some 'me time'. They're dressed comfortably in casual attire and are immersed in a book, showing their dedication to disconnecting from the digital world. The serene garden setting symbolizes the tranquility and freedom that comes with participating in National Ignore Day..
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If you accidentally (or intentionally) did not respond to that message buzzing in your pocket, you could be celebrating National Ignore Day. An unofficial day that urged people to take a break from the constant interaction of today's connected world, made a minor splash in the cyber pond on 10 Jul 2015.

When is Ignore Day?

It's national ignore day on the 10th July.

What’s It All About?

Imagine not answering any calls, emails, or messages for a whole day. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it? That’s the essence of what the National Ignore Day stands for. Spawned as a reaction to the bombardment of push notifications, DMs, and the ever-dreaded group chats. This day champions the idea of momentarily stepping away from the frenetic pace of the digital world for a little 'me time'.

The Jack-in-the-box History

Online chatter about this low-key day spiked on 10th July 2015, with exactly six mentions doing the rounds on the internet—the ripples in our vast digital ocean. The creators and the purpose behind the day remain a mystery. Perhaps, they're still ignoring us.

How To Participate?

You might assume this day promotes rudeness or indifference, it's actually about finding balance. It's about allowing yourself the freedom to temporarily disconnect. You'd be surprised how energizing silence can be. Also, remember, ignore responsibly, don’t ghost anyone in an emergency!

History behind the term 'Ignore'


Origins of the term 'ignore'

The term 'ignore' originated in 1590 from the French word 'ignorer' meaning 'not to know' or 'to be unaware of'. It was derived from the Latin word 'ignorare' which means 'not to know' or 'to disregard'. Initially, 'ignore' simply indicated a lack of knowledge or awareness.


Shift in meaning

By 1801, the meaning of 'ignore' had evolved to also include the act of intentionally disregarding or refusing to acknowledge someone or something. It transitioned from a passive state of not knowing to an active choice of ignoring someone or something purposefully.


Popularization of 'ignore'

In 1867, the term 'ignore' gained popularity and widespread usage in English literature and everyday conversation. It became a common word used to describe the intentional act of disregarding or paying no attention to a person, message, or information.

20th century

Psychological implications

Throughout the 20th century, psychologists and sociologists started analyzing the concept of 'ignoring' and its impact on interpersonal relationships and social dynamics. The act of ignoring someone became recognized as a powerful social tool, capable of causing emotional distress and social exclusion.

Present day

Digital age and 'ignoring'

In today's digital age, the term 'ignore' has taken on new dimensions. With the rise of social media and digital communication, 'ignore' is not only applied to personal interactions but also to online behavior. Ignoring emails, messages, or notifications has become a common practice, which can both frustrate and empower individuals in different contexts.

Did you know?

Despite only six mentions online, people globally have been unknowingly celebrating National Ignore Day. There are claims that pets and younger siblings traditionally celebrate National Ignore Day every day!


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10th July 2015

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10th July 2015

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