National Injury Prevention Day

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Ever heard of National Injury Prevention Day? Trust me, this isn't a day where we all get wrapped in bubble wrap or walk around with helmets on, tempting as that may seem; it's all about awareness and preserving our 'oops' moments for something more appropriate like forgetting the milk at the grocery, not toppling off ladders!

When is Injury Prevention Day?

It's national injury prevention day on the 5th July.

How National Injury Prevention Day Gained Momentum

The height of National Injury Prevention Day's online chatter might have been on July 5th, 2017, but its mission has been in vogue long before. With 3009 mentions online, it's evident that awareness about this day has turned into a minor internet sensation. And why not? After all, prevention is better than cure, or spending the day in the ER!

Why National Injury Prevention Day Matters?

So, why do we need an entire day dedicated to our clumsiness? Well, the answer is simple. In a word filled with distractions, it never hurts to remind ourselves and our loved ones to slow down and be mindful of our actions. Whether you're cooking, playing sports, or even romancing, National Injury Prevention Day is a friendly nudge reminding you to take it easy.

Trying To Make It Fun

Just because it's about injury prevention doesn't mean it's all serious. People have found creative ways to remind each other about safety, with entertaining 'safety fails' videos, hilarious memes about people wearing bubble wrap suits, and even mock-threats of wrapping loved ones in cling film to 'protect' them. All harmless fun orchestrated in the name of awareness.

A Day Of Rememberance and Awareness

National Injury Prevention Day also serves as a day to remember those who weren't so lucky and raise awareness about important issues like road safety, safe cooking practices, and home safety. With a careful balance of fun and seriousness, it is a day that asks us to pause, reflect, and promise to be a little more careful, because, as we all know, 'safety isn't expensive, it's priceless'.

Did you know?

Despite our best efforts, research shows that the kitchen remains one of the most common places for injuries at home! Maybe it's time to reconsider takeout?


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