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Happy National Intern Day! You've probably seen it popping up on social media feeds or heard a mention about it in the office gossip. But what's this day really all about? Was it just invented to give bosses an excuse to load more work on their interns? (The fact that you're even thinking it signals it's time for a break!). Well, fear not. We've done the grunt work for you so you can get back to your very necessary coffee run.

When is Intern Day?

It's national intern day on the 25th July.

Hoping to clear a few things up and offer some trivia for your next office small talk session, here's a brief history rundown of National Intern Day.


National Intern Day was established in 2017 by WayUp, a job site for university students and recent graduates. The aim was to recognize and celebrate the hardworking interns across the USA who often put in hours of unpaid work in their quest to gain experience in their field.

Popularity Surge

According to our data, National Intern Day had 8115 online mentions, peaking on the 25th of July, 2019. It seems the interns have definitely made their presence known on social media networks, proving they're an integral part of many workplaces.


So how does one commemorate this day? Besides the obvious, taking your intern out for lunch, there are numerous other ways you can make your interns feel appreciated. Spread the word in the office, recognize the best intern with an 'Intern of the Year' award or even just a simple thank-you note can make an intern's day. Remember, a little appreciation goes a long way!


Though it may seem like just one more 'internet holiday', National Intern Day has a deeper significance. It shows recognition for the important role interns play in companies while also highlighting the need for fair payment and treatment of these aspiring professionals. So next time you meet an intern, don’t just send them for coffee, say a 'thank you' for their contribution as well!

History behind the term 'Intern'

500 BCE

Early Beginnings

In ancient Greece, the term 'intern' had its origins as 'enteros', meaning 'inner' or 'within'. It referred to someone who worked and trained under the guidance of a skilled professional. These individuals, often young and aspiring, would intern with artisans, philosophers, and scholars to gain practical experience and knowledge in their chosen field.

11th Century

Guilds and Apprenticeships

During the Middle Ages, guilds played a key role in shaping the concept of 'intern'. Aspiring craftspeople would become apprentice members of guilds, working and learning from master artisans. This system allowed for the transfer of knowledge and ensured the continuation of craftsmanship from one generation to the next.

17th Century

Legal Interns

In the 17th century, the term 'intern' began to be used to describe young lawyers who worked under the supervision of experienced attorneys. These legal interns, also known as 'articled clerks' in some countries, gained practical experience in legal practice before becoming fully qualified lawyers.

19th Century

Medical Interns

The term 'intern' expanded its use to the field of medicine in the 19th century. Medical interns, often recent graduates of medical school, would work in hospitals under the guidance of senior physicians. This hands-on experience allowed them to apply their knowledge, develop clinical skills, and eventually progress in their medical careers.

20th Century

Corporate Internships

The 20th century saw the emergence of 'internships' as a structured way for young professionals to gain practical work experience. Companies began offering internships to provide on-the-job training to students and graduates, helping them bridge the gap between education and employment. Internships became popular across various industries, fostering skill development and networking opportunities.

Did you know?

Did you know, in Roman times, an 'Internuncius' was a messenger or an intermediary. A bit like the interns of today, delivering coffee and messages!


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