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Jump right in, no need for a life jacket, we're sailing into the sea of facts around National Jack Day! A day dedicated to your childhood trinkets, your favorite gym exercise or that ever-reliable car tool you keep in the trunk. Let's brace ourselves for if the name 'Jack' holds any significant bells (or jacks!) for you, this probably already sounds exciting.

When is Jack Day?

It's national jack day on the 6th October.

The History of National Jack Day

This zany National Day with a zestful appeal came into notice because we detected 66 mentions of it online. For a day that hosted its biggest online party on Oct 6, 2020, you're probably wondering what the hubbub is about. National Jack Day appears to be an esoteric little tribute to anything and everything 'Jack'; from the children's game involving little metal pieces and a rubber ball, to the delicious jackfruit that's recently grown popular in vegan diets!

Given the spontaneity and fun-loving nature of its following, it's hard to pinpoint exactly who started National Jack Day or why. But who needs reason when we've got a carnival of 'Jack' to explore?

Anything Jack is a Go!

Remember Jack and the Beanstalk, your favorite bedtime story? The Jack-of-all-trades, the master of none? There's Jumping Jack, the popular gym exercise and don't forget Jack the Ripper, London's infamous unidentified serial killer. Not a fan of any of them? No problem. Why not celebrate the jackfruit, the jackhammer, or the jack-in-the-box? Is your neighbor named Jack? Wish him a happy National Jack Day!

As the mantra goes: On National Jack Day, all things Jack get a sparkling spotlight.

Fun Ideas to Celebrate

For a day littered with so much potential fun, get the kids involved by setting up a game of Jacks or for the grownups, try a round of green jackfruit tacos and decide for yourself if it really mimics the flavors of pulled pork. Try doing 66 jumping jacks, one for every mention the day got online, a fun yet sweaty way to remember the day!

History behind the term 'Jack'


The birth of 'jack'

'Jack' originally referred to a man of common or low birth. It derived from the given name John, which was a popular name in medieval England. John was often used to represent an average person or an ordinary fellow. Over time, 'Jack' became a generic term for any regular guy.


Card games and 'jack'

The term 'jack' found its way into card games during the 16th century. In the game of All Fours, which was popular in England at the time, the jack card was highly valued. It was given the name 'jack' to reflect its importance. This association with a valuable playing card contributed to the term's increasing usage.


'Jack' as a mechanical contraption

In the late 17th century, the term 'jack' took on another meaning in the form of a mechanical device. At this time, a 'jack' referred to a contraption used to lift heavy objects. The connection between the term and its earlier usage as an ordinary fellow is unclear, but it may have been related to the idea of a 'jack-of-all-trades' – someone capable of handling various tasks.


'Jack' in naval jargon

In the early 19th century, sailors in the Royal Navy started using the term 'jack' in several contexts. 'Jack' became a nickname for the national flag of the United Kingdom, known as the Union Jack. Additionally, a 'jack' referred to a small sailor, often an apprentice or inexperienced seaman. This usage of 'jack' extended the term's reach into maritime jargon.


'Jack' enters everyday language

By the mid-19th century, 'jack' had become a widely recognized term in everyday language. It was used colloquially to refer to an ordinary man or a fellow, emphasizing its original meaning. The versatility and simplicity of the term helped solidify its place in common vocabulary, where it continues to be used in various contexts today.

Did you know?

Did you know that the name Jack, originally a nickname for John, is one of the most popular names in many English-speaking countries?


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