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Wrap the confetti cannon, engorge the balloons, and reserve your spot on the couch as today is National Jowa Day! If you are wondering, 'Wait a tick, what's a jowa?' Well, let me tell you, it's a delightfully quirky term from the Philippines meaning 'lover'. So today, let's celebrate all loved ones from every corner of the globe.

When is Jowa Day?

It's national jowa day on the 13th September.

Internet History of National Jowa Day

Our trusted digital archaeologists have unearthed a treasure trove of data. Among the interconnected web of cat videos, foodie posts, and viral dances, they've managed to spot a whopping 13131 mentions of National Jowa Day. It seems lovers everywhere made their love known especially on September 13, 2017, setting the internet a-flutter with warm, fuzzy mentions of their jowas.

Of Love and Ice Cream

While any day is an excellent day to appreciate your jowa, we can't underestimate the power of one special day dedicated to them. People around the world express their affection by streaming romantic songs, nature excursions, gifts, and arguably the best combination - jowas and ice cream. Nothing says I appreciate you quite like a good old Sundae. Is there a pun there, waiting to be scooped? We will let you discover that.

A Day Wrapped in Love

Regardless of how you acknowledge this day, the heart of National Jowa Day revolves around celebrating our loved ones and appreciating them for their presence in our lives. Whether it's that very special one in your life, or maybe the ones in the books and movies we can’t help but ship, everyone gets a share of this love pie.


So remember, every day can be National Jowa Day if we choose, but isn't it just fun and exciting to have a day dedicated to it? So, wherever you are in the world, join the celebration. And if you happen to be single, why not enjoy the day with a self-love treat? You'll love it!

History behind the term 'Jowa'


Introduction of the term 'jowa'

The term 'jowa' originated in the Philippines in the year 2000. It is a slang word derived from the Filipino phrase 'jowang-jowa' which means 'feeling very much like having a boyfriend or girlfriend'. 'Jowa' is a shortened version of this phrase and is commonly used to refer to a romantic partner.


Popularization through social media

In 2005, the popularity of the term 'jowa' soared as social media platforms gained prominence. Young Filipinos began using 'jowa' extensively on platforms such as Friendster and Multiply to describe their relationships and love interests. Its catchy nature and easy pronunciation made it a favorite among the youth.


Incorporation into mainstream Filipino culture

By 2010, 'jowa' had become a widely recognized term in the Philippines. It found its way into mainstream Filipino culture with its usage in television shows, movies, and music. The term became a part of everyday conversations among Filipinos, further solidifying its place in the local lexicon.


Influence on Filipino dating culture

In 2015, the term 'jowa' had a significant impact on Filipino dating culture. It brought about a shift in how relationships were perceived and defined. 'Jowa' no longer solely referred to a romantic partner; it also encompassed the idea of a committed relationship or even marriage. The term became a symbol of companionship and love in Filipino society.


Integration into online dating apps and memes

In 2020, 'jowa' gained further popularity through its integration into online dating apps and meme culture. The term became a common point of reference for Filipinos navigating the world of online dating. Memes using 'jowa' as a punchline circulated on social media, solidifying its position as a cultural phenomenon and finding its way into broader online communities.

Did you know?

Did you know that traditionally in the Philippines, when people say 'jowa', they often refer to a romantic partner, but today it's also playfully used to refer to a close friend or a favorite fictional character?


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