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In the age of Kardashians and TikToks, there comes a day where people set their digital distractions aside to appreciate a real gem: Lacrosse! Reaching out to you from the realm of sports, history and extraneous youthful energy, it's none other than National Lacrosse Day!

When is Lacrosse Day?

It's national lacrosse day on the 19th September.

Celebrating National Lacrosse Day

National Lacrosse Day, as the internet tells us, has found itself at the cozy digital niche over the past years, with the online world recording a whopping 545 mentions. Mark the date folks, 19th September 2015, scored the most mentions in the grand history of Lacrosse days! Now that's a time when our little day in the spotlight went viral!

The History and Significance

So, what does this day mean and why is it stirring up minds and keyboards across the cyberspace? Well, think of National Lacrosse Day mania as a combination of Super Bowl Sunday and your family game night. It's a day packed with thrill, emotions, sportsmanship and a whole lot of cheering!

Originating from indigenous North American communities, Lacrosse has kite-flying-high since then, embedding itself into our sports culture and days of national celebratory fun. It's not just about scoring a goal; it's a symbol of community, teamwork, and strategy. And so, National Lacrosse Day makes the perfect opportunity to appreciate this blend.

Join The Lacrosse Party!

No matter if you can't distinguish a Lacrosse stick from a Harry Potter wand, National Lacrosse Day is a fun-filled event for everyone! This day encourages active participation in Lacrosse from campuses to online gaming platforms. Who knows, you may just find your hidden talent!

History behind the term 'Lacrosse'


Native American origins

The game of lacrosse has its roots in Native American culture. It was played by various tribes throughout North America, with early evidence dating back to the 12th century. The game held significant cultural and spiritual importance, often played for ritual purposes or to resolve conflicts between tribes. The game was played on fields that could stretch for miles and involved large numbers of players, ranging from 100 to 1,000, depending on the specific tribe and region.


Introduction to European settlers

In 1636, French Jesuit missionaries witnessed the game of lacrosse being played by Native Americans in the area we now know as Montreal, Canada. These missionaries were fascinated by the skill, excitement, and physicality of the game. They were also struck by the distinctive netted sticks used to catch and throw the ball. Inspired by what they saw, they coined the term 'lacrosse' after the French word 'crosse,' meaning 'stick.' The term became widely adopted and stuck with the game ever since.


Creation of modern rules

The modern rules of lacrosse were established in 1867 by the newly formed Montreal Lacrosse Club. These rules standardized the game and laid the foundation for its organized growth. Initially, lacrosse was primarily played in Canada, but it quickly gained popularity across North America. The newly defined rules helped ensure uniformity and fair play, enabling the sport to be easily understood and enjoyed by both players and spectators.


Formation of the first league

In 1883, the first professional lacrosse league, the National Lacrosse Association (NLA), was established in Canada. The formation of the NLA marked an important milestone for the sport, as it provided a platform for organized competition at an elite level. The league helped raise the profile of lacrosse and attracted more fans to the sport. This era also saw the introduction of indoor lacrosse, known as box lacrosse, which became immensely popular.


Inclusion in the Olympic World Games

While lacrosse has yet to be included in the Olympic Games, it made its debut in the 1999 Olympic World Games in Akita, Japan. The Olympic World Games are a multisport event for non-Olympic sports, showcasing a variety of unique and traditional sports from around the world. Lacrosse's inclusion in this prestigious event further elevated its global recognition and appeal, contributing to the continued growth and popularity of the sport.

Did you know?

Did you know that Lacrosse was originally known as 'Baggataway' by Native Americans? It was quite a strategic game and even used as conflict resolution tool!


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