National Latinx Aids Awareness Day

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Hola amigos! Today, we put on our party hats while twirling information ribbons for the national Latinx AIDS Awareness Day. This day is all about community, info-sharing, and A LOT of fajitas in the name of raising awareness!

When is Latinx Aids Awareness Day?

It's national latinx aids awareness day on the 15th October.

A Little History

Though it's not the bite of an enchilada, National Latinx Aids Awareness Day has been making waves since its conception in 2003. This nifty day, noted to have peak activity on the 15th of October, 2019 with a whopping 2149 online mentions, is a momentous occasion dedicated entirely to raising awareness about AIDS within the Latinx community.

Why all the Talk?

The Latinx community experiences a disproportionate amount of the HIV/AIDs epidemic in the United States. Hence, to address that elephant-shaped piñata in the room, this day was put together. It's the day we share, spread love, and educate each other about this significant issue!

A Day of Unity

Though the emphasis is on a sober topic, the day is invariably a colorful, vibrant sombrero-filled fiesta (albeit one that asks you to update your knowledge on AIDS). Many engage in fundraising activities, support groups, roundtable discussions, and even salsa dance-offs!

Informed and Involved

So, how can you partake in this grand event? Make sure you're informed, first and foremost. Attend seminars and webinars, donate to the cause, educate others, or even lend a hand to local charities supporting the cause.

Concluding The Fiesta

In essence, National Latinx Aids Awareness day is a powerful testament to the resolve of the Latinx community to tackle the issue of AIDS head-on. Through open dialogues, awareness, and community action, we can change the narrative - always with a dash of salsa.

Did you know?

The day got a special boost of Latinx love in 2019, earning 2149 online mentions in a single day!


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5th October 2016

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15th October 2019

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