National Latte Day

Barista pouring steamed milk into a latte art pattern, wearing a trendy apron, modern coffee shop setting, with a view of latte art posters..
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Greetings coffee lovers! It's time to raise our mugs and celebrate National Latte Day!

When is Latte Day?

It's national latte day on the 11th February.

The Origins of National Latte Day

Now, you might be wondering how this delicious holiday came to be. Well, the internet history of National Latte Day is as frothy as a perfectly steamed latte. It all started when coffee enthusiasts around the world realized that their beloved caffeinated beverage deserved a dedicated day of celebration.

The online coffee community, fueled by the buzz of social media, started sharing their love for lattes far and wide. From latte art to latte-inspired recipes, the internet was abuzz with coffee conversations.

Soon enough, influencers, coffee shops, and caffeine enthusiasts alike united to create National Latte Day. They wanted to pay homage to the smooth, creamy, and comforting nature of this classic espresso-based drink.

Since then, National Latte Day has served as an annual reminder to indulge in a delightfully frothy latte and appreciate the artistry behind each steamed milk masterpiece.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'latte' comes from the Italian caffè latte, which means 'milk coffee'? So, when you're sipping on your latte, you're essentially enjoying a delicious cup of milk-infused goodness!


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