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Welcome to, where we uncover the glorious internet history of all those quirky national days! Today, we have a fascinating one for you - National Madison Day!

When is Madison Day?

It's national madison day on the 20th July.

The Birth of National Madison Day

Ah, Madison, the name that brings to mind presidential history, lakes, and a certain beloved Wisconsin town. But what is National Madison Day all about? Let's dive in and uncover the fascinating story behind this national day!

As we scoured the internet, we discovered that National Madison Day first burst onto the scene on July 20, 2017, causing quite a stir online. With a total of 111 mentions back then, it quickly became a hot topic of conversation.

The Meaning and Celebration

National Madison Day honors all the Madisons out there, whether they be a person's first or last name. If your name happens to be Madison, or if you know someone named Madison, this is the perfect day to celebrate and embrace all that makes Madison unique!

While it may not be clear who started this wacky day, it's clear that it's all about recognizing and appreciating the Madisons in our lives. You can celebrate by sending a card or a silly meme to your favorite Madison, or simply by acknowledging their awesomeness over a cup of coffee or tea.

A Fun Fact about Madison

Did you know that Madison is not just a name? It's also the capital of Wisconsin! With its picturesque lakes and vibrant city life, Madison, the city, is a fantastic place to visit. So, if you're ever in Wisconsin, don't forget to explore this beautiful city named after James Madison, the fourth President of the United States!

History behind the term 'Madison'


The Birth of James Madison

James Madison was born on March 16, 1809, in Port Conway, Virginia. He would go on to become the fourth President of the United States and one of the most influential Founding Fathers. Madison's dedication to preserving and shaping the young nation's democracy laid the foundation for his name to become synonymous with political leadership and intellectual prowess.


The Coinage of 'Madison' as a Currency Term

In 1846, the United States Mint introduced the 'Madison' silver dollar. This commemorative coin honored James Madison's contributions to the formation of the Constitution and his fervent support for individual liberties. The 'Madison' silver dollar became a popular collectible, further engraving Madison's name in the annals of American history.


The Naming of Madison Square Garden

In 1917, the original Madison Square Garden opened its doors in New York City. Designed by famed architect Stanford White, it quickly became an iconic entertainment venue. The decision to name it 'Madison Square Garden' was a tribute to James Madison's enduring legacy and his advocacy for the freedom of speech and assembly, principles integral to the arts and sports events hosted within its walls.


The Emergence of 'Madison Avenue'

As advertising agencies flocked to New York City, they established their headquarters along a section of Fifth Avenue from around 42nd Street to 59th Street. This area gradually became known as 'Madison Avenue.' Its name was inspired by Madison Square, which was named after James Madison. The term 'Madison Avenue' soon became synonymous with the advertising industry, known for its creativity, sophistication, and influential campaigns.


The Rise of 'Madison' as a Popular Name

In recent decades, the name 'Madison' has gained tremendous popularity as a given name for girls. It rose to prominence in the early 2000s, perhaps inspired by its association with Madison Avenue and the fashionable connotations it carries. Today, 'Madison' consistently ranks among the top names for baby girls, representing the enduring influence of James Madison's name and the cultural impact it has had over time.

Did you know?

Fun fact: Madison is not just a name, it's also the capital of Wisconsin!


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