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Rejoice Matts of the world, it's finally your time to shine under the spotlight! Welcome to our comedic coverage of National Matt Day, the day we all confirm publicly that, yes, Matt is the greatest name of all time (Sorry, Kevins).

When is Matt Day?

It's national matt day on the 15th March.

A Brief History of National Matt Day

Born from the buzz of the internet, National Matt Day first came to light in the virtual world with a mild rustling of 25 mentions, but it was not until the memorable year of 2016, on the sunny day of March 15, that the celebration truly took flight. It was as if every Matt of the world simultaneously woke up and said, 'Hey, it's our day!' Memes flooded the virtual world, #MattDay trended and Matts finally had their due recognition.

What Does National Matt Day Celebrate?

It's pretty straightforward - National Matt Day pays tribute to all Matts. These wonderful souls bring joy to every interaction, with their signature charm and poise. The day is dedicated to acknowledging their contributions, celebrating their personalities and of course, roasting them for all the Matt-related bloopers and quirks. Here's cheers to all the Matts who've left footprints in our lives and to those who continue to do so!

How to Celebrate National Matt Day

How do we celebrate? Well, if you're a Matt, pat yourself on the back and relish in the glory of your awesome name. If you're not a Matt, the possibilities are endless! Pick up your phone, converse with your Matt acquaintances, send them special homemade cards or just take the time to appreciate every iconic Matt you've ever met (even if virtually!). Just make sure that no Matt is left out.

Did you know?

The name Matt is derived from the Hebrew name Matityahu, which means 'gift of God'. And, truly, aren't all the Matts God's gifts to the world?

History behind the term 'Matt'


Origins of the Term 'Matt'

The term 'matt' originated in 1858 and is derived from the Old French word 'mat', meaning 'dull' or 'flat'. The term was initially used to describe a surface or object that lacked shine or gloss, giving it a subdued and matte appearance.


Rise of Matt Paints

During the 1920s, there was a growing interest in artistic experimentation. Artists began to explore alternative techniques and materials, including the use of matte paints. These paints, often referred to as 'matt paints', offered a unique texture and finish that differed from the traditional glossy or shiny surfaces commonly seen at the time.


Matt Finish in Photography

In the 1950s, the term 'matt' gained prominence in the field of photography. A 'matt finish' referred to a non-glossy, low-reflective surface on photographic prints. This matte surface helped to reduce glare and enhance image quality, making it popular among photographers and art enthusiasts alike.


Matt Effect in Fashion

During the 1960s, the fashion industry embraced the concept of the 'matt effect'. Designers started incorporating matte fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and jersey, into their collections. The matt effect offered a sophisticated and understated aesthetic that deviated from the typical glossy textiles, ultimately influencing fashion trends for years to come.


Modern Usage of 'Matt'

Today, the term 'matt' is widely used in various industries, including photography, design, fashion, and cosmetics. It represents a preference for non-shiny or flat finishes that exude a sense of elegance and subtlety. Whether it's a matt-painted wall, a matte lipstick, or a matte photograph, the term 'matt' has become synonymous with a timeless aesthetic choice.

Did you know?

Did you know that the name Matt is short for Matthew, which ranks as the 20th most popular name in the United States? So, yes, there are a lot of people celebrating today!


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