National Medal Of Honor Day

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Hold onto your medals, folks - and if you don't have one, steal it back from your naughty pet for a day. We're commemorating National Medal of Honor Day, a gold star of a day that's been creating a buzz on the internet and picking up more mentions than a top tweet about pizza toppings (probably).

When is Medal Of Honor Day?

It's national medal of honor day on the 25th March.

A Salute to National Medal of Honor Day

No, you don't have to be a hero to celebrate this day; you just need a healthy appreciation for those who've shown exemplary bravery, sacrifice, and dedication. National Medal of Honor Day takes a moment, or two, on March 25th every year to honor the renowned recipients of America's highest and most prestigious personal military decoration.

On the Wings of the Web

From message boards to hashtags and shout-outs, the internet has been lifting this day higher than a heroic scene in a superhero movie. We noted a jaw-dropping 18292 mentions online, and guess when things really took off? March 25, 2021. It's like the world suddenly discovered it didn't need a cape to join in celebrating heroism!

Medals and Munchies?

While this day is about acknowledging courage, you'll be pleased to hear that no heroic feats are required from you (unless you count rescuing that last piece of cake from disappearing!). This day is about remembering and honoring, and what better way to do that than with loved ones over food? A meal where each dish is a tribute to a favorite meal of a Medal of Honor recipient, can certainly make the day more personal, even if your roast will never match grandma's!

Did you know?

Did you know that the Medal of Honor became a permanent military decoration only in 1863? Until then, the brave folks had to give the medals back after wearing it around town for a day!


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