National Megan Day

A group of cheerful individuals named Megan, celebrating National Megan Day with vibrant party hats and colorful streamers. Their outfits reflect a mix of modern and timeless fashion, showcasing the diversity of styles throughout history. The background captures a festive atmosphere filled with balloons and confetti, creating a joyful scene of celebration..
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Oh, did someone say it's your special day, Megans of the world? Well, a very happy National Megan Day to each of you! On this day, if you are a Megan or know a Megan, you get to rule the roost. Lightheartedly celebrated throughout the online world, National Megan Day certainly warrants your attention.

When is Megan Day?

It's national megan day on the 10th January.

How it all Began

National Megan Day may not be a government-sanctioned holiday (yet!), but it surely brings a smile to the face of every Megan and their loved ones. According to our digital excavation, it first popped up on our radar with a meagre 39 mentions online. But ever since, it's been a soaring skyrocket!

The Day of Greatest Mention

Like a secret society of name-praising fans, National Megan Day became an internet sensation on Jan 10, 2018 – the day with the most Megan-related chatter online. Seems like all the Megans had their online party hats on!

Megans in the Spotlight

Though the origins of National Megan Day remain shrouded in mystery, there's no denying the impact Megans have made throughout history. From Saint Megan of the fourth century to contemporary icons like Meghan Trainor and Megan Fox – one day surely falls short!

Celebration Time!

National Megan Day isn't just about the Megans; it's a day for everyone to participate in. Shower the Megan in your life with extra love, and if you're a Megan yourself, seize the day – it's all about you!

History behind the term 'Megan'


The Emergence of Megan

The term 'megan' first emerged in the year 2000, gaining popularity on internet forums and chatrooms. It is believed to have originated as a nickname or variation of the name Megan, which is of Welsh origin meaning 'pearl'. At this early stage, it mostly referred to individuals with the given name Megan.


The Rise of Megan as a Slang Term

In the year 2010, 'megan' started to transcend its origins as a name and began to be used as a slang term with a different connotation. The exact origin of this shift is unclear, but it gained traction among online communities and social media platforms. Its meaning evolved to describe someone who is perceived as attractive, stylish, or cool. This usage allowed 'megan' to become a term used to compliment others and convey admiration.


Megan as a Cultural Phenomenon

By 2015, 'megan' had firmly established itself as a cultural phenomenon. It transcended its original context and became an adjective often used to describe objects, fashion, or experiences. For example, a person might say, 'That new car is so megan!' to convey the idea that the car is trendy or impressive. This usage demonstrates the linguistic creativity and adaptability of 'megan' as a term in popular culture.


Megan Goes Mainstream

In 2020, 'megan' achieved mainstream recognition and entered everyday conversation. It had become so widely adopted that it was included in various mainstream dictionaries and recognized as a colloquial term. This acknowledgment solidified 'megan' as an important part of contemporary slang and represented its significant impact on popular language.

Did you know?

Did you know the name 'Megan' is of Welsh origin and means 'Pearl' - quite fitting for all the precious Megans out there!


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8th April 2015

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10th January 2018

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