National Middle Child Day

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In this lovably wacky world of national days, National Middle Child Day proves to be a headliner. Bursting onto the stage to snag some much needed attention, let's give a round of applause to our regularly eclipsed comrades, the superbly sandwiched middle children.

When is Middle Child Day?

It's national middle child day on the 12th August.

History of National Middle Child Day

Marred by middle-child syndrome and often feeling forgotten amidst the familial pecking order, middle children finally have their moment in the spotlight come National Middle Child Day. Believe it or not, their day of recognition doesn't hail from the efforts of a disgruntled second sibling. This day has its roots in the 1980's, conjured up by a kind-hearted writer named Elizabeth Walker.

It was in her publication 'The Thrill of the Grill' where she called upon her readers to give a little extra love and affection to middle children, who often, according to her, bore the brunt of sibling rivalries. Quickly jumping onboard, many took it to heart, and just like that, National Middle Child Day was born.

From our data, we observed that this day garnered an impressive 18150 mentions online with a spotlight day on August 12, 2015. No longer was this day a subtle whisper in the wind, it became a thunderous rally cry that echoed through the digital expanse. Chat rooms buzzed, social media feeds swelled, and middle children reveled in their temporary triumph.

The Importance of this Day

Let's put humor aside for a moment. This day genuinely serves a purpose. It's not just about indulging middle children with boosted ego stroking; it's about recognizing and extolling their commonly overlooked qualities. Middle children are often the peacekeepers, negotiators, independent thinkers, and problem solvers of their clans. They bridge the gap between the often-rebellious first-borns and the attention-hogging last-borns. So here's to the middle child—forever our unsung heroes!

History behind the term 'Middle Child'


Middle child syndrome enters popular culture

In 1977, the term 'middle child syndrome' entered into popular culture to describe the supposed plight of middle children. It refers to a theory that middle children often feel neglected or overlooked in comparison to their older and younger siblings. The concept gained attention through a series of self-help books and articles, highlighting the challenges faced by middle-born individuals.


Birth order research validates the middle child experience

By the early 1980s, researchers began studying the effects of birth order on personality and development. Several studies suggested that middle children may indeed face unique circumstances and experiences. This validated the notion of 'middle child syndrome' and cemented its place in the popular lexicon.


Modern usage of 'middle child' emerges

In 1992, the term 'middle child' began to be used more broadly and colloquially to describe anyone who falls in the middle of a set or group. It extended beyond just birth order and encompassed situations where an individual finds themselves between two distinct groups or categories. Today, 'middle child' is commonly used to describe someone who feels overlooked or underestimated in various contexts, not just within families.

Did you know?

Did you know that, coincidentally, or maybe not, many successful entrepreneurs, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, are middle children. Now there's a small win for the middle child crowd!


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11th June 2015

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12th August 2015

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