National Movie Day

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Ladies and Gentlemen, grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and get comfy on your sofa for National Movie Day! A day as exciting and unpredictable as a Hollywood blockbuster, as aromatic as freshly buttered popcorn, and as glamorous as a red-carpet premiere! Want to know more? Let's roll...

When is Movie Day?

It's national movie day on the 16th January.

Take One: The Beginning

Before Netflix and chill was a thing, or Amazon Prime had their own superhero shows, we had Movie Day to thank for our relishing love of those magical, moving frames. National Movie Day is all about celebrating our love for the silver screen, its history, vision, and the enchanting world it transports us to. It's a day to let your inner film-buff run wild and enjoy your favorite films, maybe even re-enact a scene or two!

Take Two: A Star Is Born

Back in the good ole' days of 16 January 2016, National Movie Day went viral with around 773 mentions online, setting the trend, and it's been nothing short of a box-office hit ever since. Making popcorn at home got a legendary status and binge-watching your favorite films in your PJs became a social phenomenon. It's a day of stardom, enchantment, and lots of unforgettable lines-

Take Three: The Sequel

Being cinephiles ourselves, we heartily anticipate this day. With the ever evolving mediums of film consumption, National Movie Day is a perfect day to appreciate the magic of movies, and how they touch our lives. Will there be a sequel to our favorite flick, or will a new actor be our next heartthrob, stay tuned to find out!

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's longest movie ever made is 'The Cure for Insomnia' which is an aptly named whopping 85-hours long? Now that's a movie marathon!


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