National Mumu Day

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Hold onto your muumuu dresses, folks, because we're about to serve you a fashion feast! Welcome to National Muumuu Day! An absolute must-have celebration for those who appreciate the winning combination of fashion, comfort, and a healthy dose of fun!

When is Mumu Day?

It's national mumu day on the 5th July.

What is National Muumuu Day?

National Muumuu Day is a day to celebrate this uniquely comfortable fashion icon. The muumuu, a loose, brightly colored dress of Hawaiian origin, was designed for convenience and breathability in the tropical climate, but quickly became a symbol of relaxed living and lair back island vibes everywhere. So, recorded immortality came to the dress most likely to be mistaken for a floaty on a water slide.

How Did This Day Come into Being?

Our first detective trail takes us back to the 5th of July, 2016, a time when muumuu murmurs began to hit cyberspace. The Internet grabbed on the muumuu’s flowy trail and the interest simply ballooned, quite like a muumuu itself. The day has fallen in and out of the internet's collective 'remember to wear' list, but its spirit carries on.

Celebrating All Things Muumuu

Muumuu enthusiasts celebrate by donning their favorite muumuu and strutting their stuff. Party themes around this whacky dress are popular, and pineapple punch to complete the Hawaiian vibes, of course! Others mark the occasion by diving into the history of the muumuu and exploring the impact it has had on fashion and popular culture. After all, nothing is more fashionable than comfort, right?

History behind the term 'Mumu'


The birth of the term 'mumu'

In 1953, the term 'mumu' was born in Papua New Guinea. It originates from the language spoken by the native population of the country, Tok Pisin. 'Mumu' is derived from the English word 'mother,' but in the context of Papua New Guinea, it took on a different meaning, referring to traditional clothing worn during cultural gatherings.


The cultural significance spreads

During the 1970s, the term 'mumu' gained cultural significance and popularity outside of Papua New Guinea. People from various countries, especially in the South Pacific region, became interested in the unique traditions and clothing associated with the 'mumu.' This led to an increased awareness and appreciation for the cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea.


Fashion industry embraced the 'mumu'

In the 1980s, the fashion industry started to embrace the 'mumu' as a trendy and stylish clothing option. Designers and fashion houses incorporated elements of the 'mumu' into their collections, incorporating the vibrant colors, loose-fitting designs, and ethnic patterns. The 'mumu' became a symbol of cultural diversity and exoticism, captivating the imagination of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


The 'mumu' goes mainstream

By the 1990s, the 'mumu' had transitioned from a niche interest to a mainstream trend. It became a popular choice for casual wear, beach cover-ups, and resort wear. The loose and flowy nature of the 'mumu' made it comfortable and suitable for warm weather. Celebrities and influencers began showcasing their love for the 'mumu,' further propelling its popularity.


The 'mumu' in popular culture

The 'mumu' continued to make its mark in popular culture during the 2000s. It appeared in movies, TV shows, and music videos, becoming synonymous with laid-back tropical vibes. The 'mumu' also became a staple in beach-themed parties and tropical-themed events. Its association with relaxation, vacation, and an escapist lifestyle added to its appeal.


Global recognition and reinvention

Today, the term 'mumu' is recognized globally and has evolved beyond its traditional origins. It represents a fusion of cultures, embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity. The 'mumu' has been reinvented through modern designs, combining traditional elements with contemporary fashion trends. It serves as a symbol of cultural appreciation, reminding us of the beauty and heritage found in different parts of the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that the muumuu dress was originally designed to cover up women's bodies and make them less appealing to the opposite sex? Talk about irony when you consider it’s now something of a fashion statement!


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