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Hold onto your chips and tighten your belt loops, because did we just stumble upon a day drenched in deliciousness – National Munchies Day! A day where the appetite of a voracious reading bookworm is replaced by a jovial junk-food lover's snack fever.

When is Munchies Day?

It's national munchies day on the 21st April.

The Yummy Historical Bites of National Munchies Day

Did you ever think your indomitable cravings for salty-sweet-crunchy satisfaction would pave the way for a national day? You're darn right, it has! Munchies have been our loyal allies through movie marathons, crazy deadlines, and even casual wine-down evenings. So, it's just fitting we dedicated a day to honor these heroic hunger-busters.

The Almanac of Internet Recognition

Our foodie-genius internet scouts have detected 311 mentions of National Munchies Day, predominantly concerts of crunching and munching peaking around 21st April 2020. And guess what? It's open to all - whether you're a connoisseur of cookies, a wizard of wasabi peas, or just passionate about popcorn!

The Savory Soiree of Snacks

Now, let's make it clear, though the dates can vary, but the sentiment remains the same - dig into the realm of your favorite snacks without guilt. So here's a shout-out to all the snackaholics - You ain't alone and your snack sanctuary awaits!

Munchies - The Food World's Fun-Loving Superstars

Munchies are our diet's delightful daredevils, unafraid to venture into fusion flavors and quirky combinations. Have you tried popcorn with a drizzle of hot sauce or chips dunked in chocolate sauce? Well, here's the day to let your taste buds free and munch away!

History behind the term 'Munchies'


The emergence of the term

The term 'munchies' emerged in the 1960s as a casual slang term to describe intense hunger or cravings that arise after consuming marijuana. It was commonly associated with the increased appetite and desire for snacks experienced while under the influence of cannabis.


The Coining of the Term

The term 'munchies' first appeared in the early 1970s as a slang term used to describe the intense hunger or cravings one experiences, particularly after smoking or consuming cannabis. The word 'munchies' is believed to be derived from the verb 'to munch,' which means to eat something with pleasure and enthusiasm.


Reefer Madness

The term 'munchies' can be traced back to the cult film 'Reefer Madness' in 1932. This propaganda film depicted the exaggerated dangers of marijuana use and introduced the concept of the 'munchies' for the first time. The film portrayed marijuana users as experiencing an uncontrollable desire for snacks, particularly sweet and salty foods.


Counterculture and Psychedelics

During the 1960s counterculture movement, the term 'munchies' gained more popularity and began to be associated with the use of psychedelics, including marijuana and LSD. People who indulged in these substances often reported an increased appetite and cravings for various types of food.


Munchies in popular culture

The term 'munchies' gained wider recognition in popular culture in 1971 when it was referenced in the classic stoner movie 'Harold and Maude.' In the film, the character Harold shares a joint with Maude, leading to them experiencing the munchies and indulging in a late-night feast.


Popularity Amongst Stoner Culture

In the early 1970s, the term 'munchies' gained significant popularity within stoner culture, which refers to a subculture of people who enjoy the recreational use of marijuana. The consumption of cannabis often triggers a heightened appetite, leading individuals to seek out and indulge in various snack foods.


Munchies as a comedy trope

During the 1980s, the concept of munchies became a recurring theme in comedy. Stand-up comedians and comedy sketches often joked about the uncontrollable desire for food after smoking marijuana. This further popularized the term and solidified its connection to cannabis culture.


Popularization in Stoner Culture

In the 1970s, 'munchies' became firmly entrenched in stoner culture. It was commonly used to describe the intense hunger pangs experienced after smoking marijuana. The cannabis community embraced the term, and it became synonymous with the heightened appetite induced by the use of cannabis.


Recognition in Popular Media

By the mid-1990s, the term 'munchies' became widely recognized and featured prominently in popular media. It was frequently depicted in movies, TV shows, and music, further solidifying its association with the cravings induced by marijuana use. The portrayal of characters satisfying their munchies in humorous and exaggerated ways added to the term's cultural impact.


Munchies as a marketing tool

In 1997, the snack food industry started capitalizing on the term 'munchies' as a marketing tool. Brands such as Doritos, Frito-Lay, and Ben & Jerry's began targeting late-night snacking and promoted their products as the perfect solution for satisfying those post-smoking cravings.


Inclusion in English Dictionaries

Due to its prevalent usage and cultural significance, the term 'munchies' found its way into official English dictionaries. In 2004, it was officially recognized and included in dictionaries such as the Oxford English Dictionary and Merriam-Webster, solidifying its place in the lexicon.


Entertainment References

During the 1980s, the term 'munchies' became more widely known through various entertainment references. It appeared in popular songs, comedies, and movies, further solidifying its place in mainstream culture. Its association with craving and indulging in food became a comedic trope.


Munchies in the Dictionary

In 1994, the term 'munchies' gained official recognition when it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary. This inclusion further cemented its place in the lexicon and acknowledged its widespread usage and cultural significance.


Mainstream Popularity and Beyond

Today, the term 'munchies' has transcended its origins within stoner culture and has become regularly used in everyday language. It no longer exclusively refers to the cravings induced by marijuana consumption but is more widely used to describe any intense desire for food, especially when experiencing hunger pangs. 'Munchies' has become a relatable term for many, representing a universal phenomenon of intense food cravings.


Munchies in the dictionary

The term 'munchies' became officially recognized and entered the mainstream lexicon when it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2004. Its inclusion solidified its status as a colloquial term widely understood and accepted by the general public.


Munchies in Pop Culture

In the present day, 'munchies' continues to be a popular term used to describe the increased appetite or cravings associated with marijuana use. It has found its way into pop culture references, memes, and is often used humorously to depict intense food cravings in various contexts.


Munchies beyond marijuana

While the term 'munchies' originated in the context of cannabis culture, it has now expanded beyond its initial association. Today, it is commonly used to describe intense food cravings in various situations, such as late-night snacking, pregnancy cravings, or simply a strong desire for certain types of food.

Did you know?

Did you know, Chip flavors have become remarkably creative over the years? There are chips flavored with everything from mango salsa to cappuccino!


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