National Mustache Day

An image of a diverse group of people sporting different types of mustaches, including handlebar, chevron, and Fu Manchu. They are dressed stylishly and are standing in front of a colorful graffiti wall..
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Ah, the grand spectacle that is National Mustache Day, the day when mustaches rule supreme, upstaging their full-beard counterparts (sorry ‘No-Shave November’). No form of facial hair quite commands respect and admiration like the standalone mustache, and on this day, we give it the spotlight it deserves.

When is Mustache Day?

It's national mustache day on the 27th September.

History of National Mustache Day

When we look back in the annals of internet history, there’s no evidence to suggest that National Mustache Day has been a ‘thing’ for long. Our data shows only a sprinkle of 32 mentions online, with the most mentions happening on the 27th September 2020. How this day sprouted its silken hair, we’ll probably never know. But it's safe to say it has now been shaved into the annual calendar.

Why Celebrate Mustaches?

Mustaches are more than mere facial hair, they’re symbols of style, machismo, and sometimes, downright quirkiness! They've been sported by some of history’s most iconic figures- from Salvador Dalí’s eccentric skyward-pointing mustache to Tom Selleck’s rugged Magnum P.I. look.

How Do We Observe National Mustache Day?

It’s simple. Grow a mustache! Whether you choose a handlebar, a chevron, or a Fu Manchu, is entirely up to you. People also show their appreciation for the day by sharing pictures of their impressive 'staches on social media, or by celebrating famous mustachioed icons. Just remember to keep it fun and respectful!

And Remember...

Caring for a mustache requires patience, grooming and a whole lot of love. This National Mustache Day, salute the 'stache and all the attention, conversation, and head-turns it inevitably brings.

Did you know?

Did you know? Albert Einstein had a mustache for over 50 years, and he believed it helped him save time when drinking coffee because it filtered the liquid!


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27th September 2020

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