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When you think of magical unicorns and pastel-colored sweetness, one name that rears its delightful little head is My Little Pony. For the un-initiated, My Little Pony is a toy line and media franchise that has been lighting up imaginations since 1981. In homage to this, fans created an online sensation on 19th November 2015, paying tribute to their beloved unicorns with National My Little Pony Day!

When is My Little Pony Day?

It's national my little pony day on the 19th November.

History of National My Little Pony Day

National My Little Pony Day first graced our calendars on November 19th, 2015. Though it's not officially recognized by any governing bodies, it doesn't deter fans from sharing their love loudly. And guess what? The Internet approved! We detected 4 mentions of this day online, hinting at a growing cultural movement for these enchanting equine enthusiasts.

Why My Little Pony?

My Little Pony has been a pop culture staple for decades. This franchise has morphed from a simple children's toy line into a global sensation that includes TV series, movies, comics, and an incredibly dedicated fanbase. There's as much diversity in the ponies as there are colors in a rainbow, giving every fan a pony they can relate to.

Celebrating National My Little Pony Day

Celebrating National My Little Pony Day is as simple, yet as diverse, as the ponies themselves. Fans worldwide connect online, sharing fan art, experiences, and expressing their love. Some fans host viewing parties of their favorite My Little Pony episodes, others simply snap a selfie with their favorite My Little Pony toy, using the day to express their passion and fandom for all things My Little Pony.

Impact of National My Little Pony Day

Our online mentions may not seem incredibly high, but don't be fooled. These 4 mentions represent a passionate group of fans who care deeply about their shared interest. This day playfully breaks down barriers and brings people together in a fun and fantastical way.

History behind the term 'My Little Pony'


Birth of My Little Pony

My Little Pony debuted in 1982 as a toy line created by Hasbro. The concept of the toys revolved around colorful plastic ponies with brushable manes and tails. The initial line included six pony characters: Blossom, Blue Belle, Butterscotch, Cotton Candy, Minty, and Snuzzle. Each pony had a unique symbol on one or both sides of their hindquarters, known as the 'cutie mark.' These small, adorable toys quickly gained popularity among children.


Animated Television Series

In 1983, a My Little Pony animated television series was produced by Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions. The series was titled 'My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle' and served as a pilot episode for the ongoing television show. The animated series introduced additional characters and expanded the fictional world of the ponies, captivating young viewers with magical adventures and catchy theme songs.


Release of the First My Little Pony Movie

The popularity of My Little Pony led to the release of the first feature-length animated film in 1986 called 'My Little Pony: The Movie.' The movie further expanded the lore of the pony universe and showcased new characters and settings. Despite receiving mixed reviews at the time, the film became a cult classic among My Little Pony fans and developed a dedicated following.


The Birth of Friendship is Magic

The year 2010 marked a significant turning point for My Little Pony when the fourth generation of the franchise, 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic,' was released. The animated television series, developed by Lauren Faust, garnered immense attention and praise from both its target audience and unexpected older viewers. The show's clever writing, relatable characters, and positive messages about friendship became its defining attributes, earning it a vast and dedicated fan base known as 'bronies' who celebrated the show's values and creativity.


BronyCon and Pop Culture Impact

In 2012, BronyCon (the largest convention dedicated to My Little Pony fans) attracted over 4,000 attendees, highlighting the growing presence of the brony subculture. The bronies embraced the show's positive themes and shared their enthusiasm through various forms of fan art, music, and fan fiction. The popularity of My Little Pony among older fans sparked discussions on gender stereotypes, creativity, and the power of fandom in contemporary culture. The bronies' impact brought a new perspective to the franchise's cultural relevance, transforming it into a phenomenon that transcended age and gender boundaries.

Did you know?

Did you know that the creator of My Little Pony, Bonnie Zacherle, was actually inspired by her childhood love of horses? She sought to create a toy that was both sweet and playful, just like the ponies she adored.


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