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Have you ever found yourself doing the nae nae dance move just out of the blue? Well, you're not alone. Online, mention of a National Nae Nae Day has been cropping up and swirling the internet with its funk, spice, and everything nice!

When is Nae Nae Day?

It's national nae nae day on the 29th February.

Just What is the Nae Nae?

Before we groove into National Nae Nae Day, let’s first understand what the nae nae dance move is. Made popular in 2013 by the Atlanta quartet We Are Toonz, the nae nae is a hip-hop dance move which involves swaying with a drop step and waving your right hand.

National Nae Nae Day? Really?

Now, you must be wondering if a dance move having its own national day sounds a bit unusual. Well, that's exactly what the internet is - a melting pot of quirky surprises like National Nae Nae Day! Our data shows that the most mentions were on 29th February 2016, also known as Leap Day. Perhaps a coincidence? We don’t know, but what a day to leap and nae nae!

Why Celebrate this Day?

Well, why not? Life is all about dancing to your own rhythm and enjoying the little things. Use this day as an excuse to put on your dancing shoes and let loose. Plus, if you ever needed a reason to show off that you've still got the moves, here it is!

How to Celebrate

Invite friends over for a dance party and make sure the nae nae is the dance of the day. If you're feeling extra creative, make a funny dance compilation video and join the others in sharing your National Nae Nae Day highlights online.

History behind the term 'Nae Nae'


The Birth of a Dance Move

In 2013, the term 'nae nae' was born when a group of teenagers from Atlanta, Georgia, created a new dance move as part of a music video for the song 'Drop That #NaeNae' by the We Are Toonz group. The move involved a quick freestyle combination of shoulder shrugs, hip swings, and side-to-side arm movements.


Viral Sensation

In 2014, the 'nae nae' dance move went viral. It gained popularity after various celebrities, including professional athletes and musicians, began incorporating it into their performances and social media posts. The catchy dance move quickly spread across the internet, sparking numerous dance challenges and parodies.


The Silento Connection

The 'nae nae' dance move reached new heights of popularity when rapper Silento released his hit single 'Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)' in 2014. The song, which featured instructions for the 'nae nae' and other dance moves, became a chart-topping sensation. It further solidified the cultural influence of the 'nae nae' and introduced it to a worldwide audience.


The Ellen Effect

In 2015, the 'nae nae' dance move made its way to mainstream television when Ellen DeGeneres featured it on her popular talk show, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' Ellen often invites talented dancers onto her show, and the 'nae nae' gained even more recognition after she showcased it to her enthusiastic audience. This exposure helped propel the 'nae nae' into a cultural phenomenon.


Continuous Popularity

While the peak popularity of the 'nae nae' may have waned, it continues to be a recognizable and beloved dance move in popular culture. Many dance enthusiasts still incorporate it into their routines, and it occasionally resurfaces in new challenges and viral moments on social media platforms. The 'nae nae' serves as a reminder of the power of dance moves to capture the imagination and bring people together.

Did you know?

The name 'Nae Nae' was influenced by a character from 1990s sitcom 'Martin'. The character, Sheneneh Jenkins, was known for her sassy dance moves which reflected in the Nae Nae dance.


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29th February 2016

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