National Neil Day

An image of a man named Neil with a friendly smile and a wave, standing in a suburban neighborhood. He is wearing a casual outfit with a plaid shirt and jeans, giving off a wholesome and approachable vibe. In the background, there is a sunset casting a warm glow on the houses. Surrounding Neil are iconic symbols and references to famous Neils, such as a guitar representing Neil Young, a book symbolizing Neil Gaiman, a moon illustration signifying Neil Armstrong, and a microphone symbolizing Neil Diamond. The image captures the essence of National Neil Day, celebrating both everyday Neils and the remarkable contributions of famous Neils in a heartfelt and joyful manner..
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Waving to all fans of Neil's everywhere, it's time to roll out the red (or is it Neil?) carpet for National Neil Day! Whether your favorite Neil breaks out into a spirit-lifting song or explores the unparalleled vastness of the cosmos, this day is all about the celebration of Neils in all their glory.

When is Neil Day?

It's national neil day on the 20th March.

The Day to Toast to All Neils

Often times, Neil is the guy next door with a friendly wave and a kind smile. But Neils can also be unforgettable talents that have touched our hearts and minds. National Neil Day is the day we devote special appreciations to all those holding the name Neil - fictional, real, and everything in between!

Online Ode to Neils

According to our data, National Neil Day was most notably mentioned on March 20, 2016. The internet found itself wrapped in a Neil-laden fervor, with tributes flying left, right, and center like the exuberant strums of Mr. Young's guitar. Who knows what sparked this Neil-revolution, but we assume it must have something to do with the sheer awesome-ness of Neils worldwide!

Unforgettable Neils

When we delve into the realm of the Neils, there are some names that pop up more often than others. Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the moon, for one. Neil Diamond, the singer-songwriter who has cemented his place in the music hall of fame. Neil Gaiman, the mind behind some of the most captivating worlds in literature. And let's not forget Neil Patrick Harris, who lights up our screens with his humor and versatility. National Neil Day is the day to remember and express our gratitude for these extraordinary contributions.

Say Cheers to a Neil Today!

So, whether you're named Neil, know a Neil, or just love the name, this is your day to shout it from the rooftops. Go ahead, raise a toast to your favorite Neil and have a blast!

History behind the term 'Neil'


The birth of Neil

In 1970, the term 'neil' was first coined by a group of college friends in California. They used it as a playful nickname for their friend Neil, who was known for his quirky sense of humor and easygoing nature. The term quickly gained popularity within their social circle and soon became a common way to refer to Neil.


Spreading beyond California

By 1985, the term 'neil' had spread beyond the original group of friends and started gaining recognition outside of California. It became a slang term used to describe someone who possessed similar characteristics to Neil – someone who was funny, laid-back, and approachable. 'Neil' started to enter the popular vernacular, and people began using it to refer to individuals with these qualities.


Internet Era and Memes

With the advent of the internet and the rise of memes in the late 1990s, 'neil' took on a new life. Memes featuring humorous images and captions referencing the term became viral sensations. The term 'neil' became synonymous with internet culture and was often used to describe funny or relatable situations. It became a way for people to connect and express their shared sense of humor online.


Neil as an adjective

In 2012, 'neil' evolved further and started to be used as an adjective, expanding its meaning beyond just a noun. People began using phrases like 'That meme is so neil!' or 'Their comedy style is very neil.' It became a versatile term to describe anything that embodied humor, quirkiness, or a light-hearted attitude.


Mainstream Acceptance

Today, 'neil' has achieved mainstream acceptance and is used in various contexts. It has become a recognized term in the realm of comedy, internet culture, and everyday conversations. Whether it's referring to a person, a joke, or a meme, 'neil' continues to bring a sense of levity and amusement to people's lives.

Did you know?

Did you know, the name Neil means 'cloud' in Irish? So, on National Neil Day, you could say we’re on cloud nine!


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