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Forget blowing smoke rings, how about blowing balloons instead?! Today we're talking about National No Smoking Day - a day that gives your lungs a much-deserved vacation. Spoiler alert - it's more celebrated than the annual 'leave your cigarettes at home' day.

When is No Smoking Day?

It's national no smoking day on the 8th March.

A Puff of Its Own

National No Smoking Day reclaims the spotlight every year on the second Wednesday of March. Whether you're a chain-smoker, social smoker, or just enjoy the aesthetic of a smoke-filled room - this day is for you! The purpose? To encourage people to stub out the cigarettes for 24 hours (at least), which might be the first step towards quitting completely. But why, you ask? Well, turn off that 1950's black and white movie and let's dig into it.

Clear The Air

The clouds started to clear when the British Heart Foundation instituted National No Smoking Day in 1984. The date? Well, the ides of March were too ominous, so they settled for the day before, March 14th. Since then, the observance has gained traction, with quite the popularity surge on March 8th, 2017 - when online mentions went through the (non-smoky) roof, peaking at 4546! This flammable support has enabled thousands to quit smoking and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Breathe Easy

Think no smoking is like no fun? Think again! The day brings with it numerous events, from fun runs to thoughtful workshops, all unified by the theme of promoting smoke-free living. And when it comes to quitting, every little bit helps. Even if it takes a national day, a supportive community, plenty of nicotine gum, and a sudden newfound interest in knitting to get you through!

Smoke Gets in Your I’s (and health)

Apart from releasing your inner dragon, quitting smoking helps the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of lung illnesses, and elevates your taste and smell (great news for food lovers!). So, this National No Smoking Day, step out of the haze and into the clear! Remember, as the old adage doesn't go, 'A smoke-less day keeps the doctor away'.

History behind the term 'No Smoking'


The Advent of Mass-Produced Cigarettes

With the industrial revolution in full swing, the production of cigarettes became widespread. As tobacco companies saw their profits soar, the popularity of smoking grew rapidly. However, the harmful effects of smoking were not widely known or understood at this time.


Rising Concerns and Informal Restrictions

As more research emerged linking smoking to various health issues, concerns about its consequences started to grow. Some establishments, such as theaters and restaurants, began implementing voluntary bans on smoking due to social pressure and customer complaints.


Scientific Evidence and the Smoking-Cancer Connection

The year 1950 marked a significant turning point in the perception of smoking. The British scientist Richard Doll published a study establishing a link between smoking and lung cancer. This groundbreaking research led people to question the safety of smoking and sparked public health debates.


Warning Labels on Cigarette Packages

By 1970, scientific evidence against smoking continued to mount. To inform the public about the health risks associated with smoking, governments around the world required cigarette manufacturers to include warning labels on their packaging. This marked a major step in raising awareness and discouraging smoking.


Expansion of Smoke-Free Policies

In the early 2000s, the movement towards smoke-free environments gained significant momentum. Various countries, states, and cities started enacting laws banning smoking in public places like restaurants, bars, and workplaces. These policies aimed to protect nonsmokers from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.


No Smoking Laws on Domestic and International Flights

In 2007, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) called for a global ban on smoking for all domestic and international flights. This decision recognized the importance of protecting passengers and crew from the dangers of secondhand smoke, ensuring a smoke-free environment during air travel.


Continued Efforts and Awareness Campaigns

The journey to promote a smoke-free world continues. Governments, organizations, and individuals worldwide continue working to increase awareness about the health risks associated with smoking and to advocate for smoke-free environments. Anti-smoking campaigns and educational initiatives strive to reduce the prevalence of smoking and promote healthier lifestyles.

Did you know?

Did you know, on National No Smoking Day, smokers could save the cost of 20 cigarettes, approximately $6, which could pay for a fun new knitting set? Now that's a deal worth considering!


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