National No Underwear Day

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Have you ever passed by the underwear drawer and decided to just take a rain-check? Well, you're not alone. Every year, brave souls across the internet join together in celebrating 'National No Underwear Day'. While this might sound like a cheeky (pun intended) holiday, it's all about embracing personal freedom and pushing the comfort zone – all in good fun, of course!

When is No Underwear Day?

It's national no underwear day on the 22nd June.

History of the No Underwear Day

The mention of the National No Underwear Day can be traced back to 2015 with a surge in online mentions and participants. The exact origin and founding mothers or fathers of this frisky holiday remain as elusive as a lost sock. But, it is evident that it's rooted in promoting comfort and body normalization.

National No Underwear Day: What's the Deal?

Each year on a date that seems as randomly chosen as the holiday itself, participants from around the world join in by simply opting to forgo their undies for the day. It's all about stepping out of your comfort zone - quite literally - and embracing the wind of freedom. Remember though, it's a friendly celebration, no need to broadcast your participation!

How to Celebrate

How does one celebrate National No Underwear Day you ask? Simply, by not wearing underwear and going about your regular day. You can also spread word about the holiday - tactfully of course - or by sparking a conversation about body positivity.

History behind the term 'No Underwear'


The Birth of Pants

In the 19th century, pants became a popular choice of attire for men. These garments provided a practical and modest option compared to the breeches and stockings of earlier times. With the rise of pants, the concept of underwear as an additional layer underneath them started to gain prominence.


War and Rationing

During World War II, there were shortages of various materials due to rationing. Fabric was needed for military uniforms, and civilians were encouraged to save resources. This led to a decrease in the production and availability of underwear, making it more common for people to go without or find alternative solutions during this time.


The Rise of Liberation

The 1960s were a transformative decade, marked by social and cultural changes. As the feminist movement gained momentum and countercultural movements flourished, norms around clothing and personal choice began to shift. The concept of 'no underwear' started to emerge as a symbol of freedom and liberation from traditional societal expectations.


Visible Panty Line Movement

In the 1990s, the visible panty line (VPL) became a fashion concern for many individuals. This led to the popularity of thongs and other underwear styles designed to minimize or eliminate visible lines. As a result, some people opted to forgo underwear altogether to avoid this fashion faux pas, further popularizing the idea of 'no underwear.'

Present Day

Freedom of Choice

In modern times, the choice to wear or not wear underwear is a matter of personal preference and comfort. Some people believe it promotes breathability and reduces certain health issues, while others appreciate the convenience and fashion freedom it offers. The concept of 'no underwear' has become a symbol of personal choice and a topic of discussion in various fashion and lifestyle communities.

Did you know?

Did you know? Cotton underwear didn't become popular until the 19th century. Before then, people had been donning underwear made from materials like silk and velvet.


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