National Pecan Day

Young woman baking pecan cookies in a cozy kitchen, wearing an apron and holding a wooden rolling pin, surrounded by jars of pecans and freshly baked goods.
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Raise a spoon, or a handful, because the sweet and crunchy goodness of National Pecan Day is coming! Whether you like them in pies, cookies, or just plain, there's no nuttier day to be a part of. Preheat your ovens, free up some pantry space and limber up those nutcrackers, it's about to get nutty!

When is Pecan Day?

It's national pecan day on the 14th April.

Cracking Open the History of National Pecan Day

Now, you may be wondering how exactly we got around to celebrating a day dedicated to these tasty, nutritious nuggets. Like many good things, we're not exactly sure when or why National Pecan Day started. But what the pecan lacks in day-origin, it more than makes up for in culinary history.

Pecans - A Nutty American Original

Did you know the humble pecan is one of the few nuts native to North America? The pecan tree is actually the state tree of Texas, and the word 'pecan' itself comes from an Algonquin term meaning 'a nut that requires a stone to crack'. And we thought cracking a joke was hard!

A Day for Pecan Lovers Everywhere

National Pecan Day has exploded in popularity, with our data showing a whopping 3086 online mentions, with April 14, 2015, being a particularly nutty day. It seems folks have really taken this national celebration to heart, or maybe stomach is more appropriate. Regardless, whether you're hosting a pecan themed potluck or just munching away solo, it's clear that this day has found a sweet spot in people's hearts (and bellies)!

Did you know?

Did you know that pecans are not technically nuts, but are actually a fruit called a 'drupe'? A drupe is a fruit with a single pit surrounded by a husk. Who knew? Pearhaps (get it?), we should be calling it National Drupe Day!


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