National Pet Fire Safety Day

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Have you ever wondered about pet safety during a sudden fire disaster? Ponder no more, because there's an entire day dedicated to it! National Pet Fire Safety Day is here to teach us how. Did we spot your brows furrowing with a 'Really?' Just hang on, there's more fun in store!

When is Pet Fire Safety Day?

It's national pet fire safety day on the 12th July.

History and Significance

National Pet Fire Safety Day, celebrated annually on July 15, takes the spotlight to raise awareness about pet safety during fires. Now, if you're chuckling slightly, consider this - pets cause nearly 1,000 home fires each year according to National Fire Protection Association. Hence, the day is pretty significant in educating pet owners about potential risks and safety precautions.

Tale of the Tweets

We witnessed about 3225 mentions of National Pet Fire Safety Day in the internet world, peaking on 12th July 2017. Maybe it was a particularly fiery day, or perhaps people were just extraordinarily passionate about pet safety. Either way, it's awesome to see the buzz!

Coming Together for Furry Friends

Various organizations and individuals come together to share tips, suggestions, and stories about pet safety on this day. From ensuring your pet’s identification to making an escape plan, it’s all about ensuring our four-legged sidekicks are safe from fire hazards.

Flameless Facts

Now, there’s a fun bit too! Did you know that our furry friends can unintentionally become fire-starters? An excited wag of a tail near a candle, or an adventurous claw on a stove knob could cause a spark. National Pet Fire Safety Day highlights these risks and teaches us how to effectively pet-proof our homes.

History behind the term 'Pet Fire Safety'


The Great Chicago Fire

In the year 1922, the term 'pet fire safety' can trace its roots back to the devastating Great Chicago Fire of 1871. This historic fire burned for two days, destroying thousands of buildings and taking more than 300 lives. However, a lesser-known fact is that many pets were also victims of this tragedy. This event highlighted the need for improved fire safety measures that accounted for the safety of both humans and their beloved pets.


Establishment of the first fire department animal rescue team

In 1910, the first fire department animal rescue team was established in Washington D.C., recognizing the importance of pet safety during fires. This significant step laid the groundwork for future initiatives and brought attention to the role of firefighters in saving the lives of not only humans but also animals in distress.


Introduction of pet oxygen masks

The year 1951 marks a crucial development in pet fire safety with the introduction of pet oxygen masks. These specially designed masks allow firefighters to administer life-saving oxygen to animals affected by smoke inhalation during fires. This innovation significantly increased the chances of survival for pets caught in fire incidents.


Inclusion of pets in fire safety planning

In 2003, pet safety took a significant leap forward with the inclusion of pets in fire safety planning. Fire departments began recognizing the importance of addressing the unique needs of pets during emergencies and educating the public on how to protect their furry companions. This change brought about a heightened awareness of pet fire safety among communities.


The establishment of Pet Fire Safety Day

The term 'pet fire safety' gained even more prominence in 2009 with the establishment of Pet Fire Safety Day on July 15th. This national day aims to raise awareness about the potential dangers of fires for pets and educate pet owners on preventive measures and emergency preparedness. It serves as a reminder of the importance of incorporating pets into fire safety plans.

Did you know?

Here's a fun fact you might not have known: Dalmatian dogs, one of the symbols of fire safety, have a history of being firehouse mascots dating back more than a century. Legend says they would run out in front of the horse-drawn fire carriages to clear a path and guide the firefighters!


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