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Oink oink! Prepare yourself for a huge helping of fun and laughter for this article, as it is devoted to, you guessed it, Pigs! National Pig Day, a day as hilarious as it is interesting, and absolutely perfect for all the pig-lovers out there.

When is Pig Day?

It's national pig day on the 1st March.

A Brief History

Friends, let's take a moment to dive snout-first into the mud bath of history. Originating in 1972, thanks to two ingenious gals, Ellen Stanley and Mary Lynne Rave, National Pig day was created to celebrate one of the world's most loved creatures, the pig. And aren't we glad they did?

Internet Pig Craze

Our data revealed a whopping 22,174 mentions of National Pig Day – now if that's not pig mania, we don't know what is. Speaking of online pig phenomenons, remember the online explosion on March 1, 2016? The internet was flooded with charming piggy pictures, pig-inspired art and even pig-themed food; thankfully, without any pigs as ingredients. Pig - we salute you!

The Focus of The Day

The humble pig doesn't ask for much - a mud bath, some snacks, a little back scratch now and then. On National Pig Day, we focus on appreciating these intelligent and social creatures for their contributions to our lives. More than just a source of food, pigs are our friends, our lively pets, and the source of endless joy for many animal lovers around the world.

History behind the term 'Pig'

c. 1382

Old English origins

The term 'pig' can be traced back to c. 1382, where it originated in Old English as 'picg'. At this time, it referred specifically to a young, domesticated swine. Interestingly, the word was also used to refer to a mound or hillock of earth, as pigs were known to root around and create these small mounds in the ground.

c. 1750

Pig as a slang term

In the mid-18th century, the term 'pig' started to be used as a slang expression. It was oftentimes used to insult or mock someone, likening them to a pig. This derogatory usage of the term reflected the negative connotations associated with pigs during that time period, such as filthiness or gluttony.


Pig as a police slang term

By 1842, the term 'pig' took on another slang meaning. It became a derogatory term used by criminals for policemen, likely referring to their supposed greed and corrupt behavior. This association with law enforcement added another layer of negative connotation to the term.

c. 1880

Pig as a metaphor for overeating

In the late 19th century, the term 'pig' gained yet another metaphorical usage. It was commonly used to describe someone who overindulged in food, similar to how a pig was perceived to be voracious and gluttonous. This usage persists in modern language, with phrases like 'eat like a pig' still being used today.

20th century

Popularization of 'Pig' as a derogatory term

In the 20th century, the derogatory usage of 'pig' became more widely known, particularly as a term to criticize the police. It gained new prominence during the counterculture movements of the 1960s and 1970s, where it was frequently employed by protesters to express their contempt for law enforcement.


Diverse meanings and context

Today, the term 'pig' continues to have diverse meanings depending on the context. It can refer to a pig as an animal, symbolizing cuteness or intelligence. It can still be used as slang to insult someone, often relating to their behavior or appearance. Additionally, the term remains a part of cultural and political discourse, sometimes used critically in discussions surrounding law enforcement.

Did you know?

Fun fact time! Did you know that pigs are extraordinarily smart? Scientists say they're smarter than dogs and even some primates. So next time you call someone a 'smart pig', remember, it's a compliment!


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