National Pillow Day

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Ah, the sweet softness of pillows! Who doesn't love to dive headfirst into that fluffy world of dream? Welcome to our light-hearted and feathery article about National Pillow Day, a national day that doesn't just sneak under your head at night, but into your heart, too! While it might sound a little unusual, you'll soon see that pillows deserve their day of honor!

When is Pillow Day?

It's national pillow day on the 15th October.

A Little Pillow Talk

Our data sleuths (who we promise are harder working than the Sleepy Dwarf) detected 587 mentions of National Pillow Day online, with the most mentions cropping up on 15th October 2015. We suspect this might be due to some phenomenal pillow fight that we sadly missed out on.

Resting our Case

The exact origins of National Pillow day are as elusive as the perfect sleeping position, but that doesn't make it any less real or less loved. Yes, loved. Who doesn't hug their pillow at night or cry into it during a sad movie or admire their skill when they have just finished making a perfect pillow fort?

Fluffy Findings

So, why do people talk about National Pillow Day? Simple! It's because pillows are a universal symbol of comfort, support, and sweat dreams. (Err, sweet dreams, I mean! Unless you dream about running a marathon, of course. We support all types of dreams here!)

A Pillow's World

So, let us doff our nightcaps to this unsung hero today! This National Pillow Day, let's hug our pillows a little tighter, craft forts with a little more pride, and realize pillows aren't just for resting our sleepy heads—they're also perfect for balancing while pretending to be tightrope walkers!

Did you know?

Did you know that in ancient times, pillows were made of stone or wood? Doesn't sound very comfy, does it? Thank goodness for modern plush technology!


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27th August 2015

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15th October 2015

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