National Pizza Bagel Day

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Welcome to another tasty adventure in the wacky world of national days! Today, we're celebrating National Pizza Bagel Day, the perfect combination of two delicious culinary creations. Get ready to sink your teeth into the cheesy goodness of this unique holiday!

When is Pizza Bagel Day?

It's national pizza bagel day on the 9th February.

The History of National Pizza Bagel Day

Did you know that pizza bagels have a longer history than the internet itself? Well, maybe not quite, but they have been satisfying hungry folks for decades. The concept of a pizza bagel originated in the 1970s when some culinary genius had the brilliant idea of combining the classic flavors of pizza with the convenient, handheld nature of bagels.

Although the exact origin story is shrouded in mystery (or maybe just covered in melted cheese), pizza bagels quickly gained popularity, becoming a beloved snack for people of all ages. From the crunchy outer layer to the gooey cheese topping, these bite-sized treats are a delicious indulgence.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's largest pizza was actually created in Rome, Italy? This massive pizza measured an astounding 13,580.28 square feet, breaking the previous record by a whopping 252 square feet! Talk about a pizza party!


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