National Plan For Vacation Day

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Grab your calendars, sunglasses, and sense of adventure! National Plan For Vacation Day is here and it's about to inject a dose of fun into your yearly agenda. This day, celebrated on the last Tuesday of January, is the perfect way to get ahead on planning that much-needed time off. Who knew that planning a vacation could feel like a holiday all by itself?

When is Plan For Vacation Day?

It's national plan for vacation day on the 30th January.

A Brief History

National Plan For Vacation Day was established to address the growing problem of Americans leaving their vacation time unused. Nearly 54% do so, citing reasons such as work commitments and financial constraints. And so, the US Travel Association decided to stir things up in 2018, joining hands with many partners to make this national day a reality. With 3759 mentions online, the impact was paramount and the most mentions were on the 30th of January 2018, a proof once again of how much we all love a bit of wanderlust!

The Significance of Planning

Planning for a vacation is more than just about deciding your destination and booking tickets. It's about making memories, de-stressing, and getting away from our daily routines to enliven our hearts and minds. And the earlier you start, the better deals you snag, and the more excitement you manage to squeeze into the year!

How to Celebrate?

Planning seems like hard work, doesn't it? Not on this day! Grab a globe, throw a dart, and decide your next destination. Or if you’re technologically inclined, use the satellite view on a digital map and choose a place that looks intriguing! Don't forget to involve your loved ones - planning can be as much fun as the vacation itself. Get creative, get spontaneous, and let the magic of anticipation cast its spell.

Did you know?

Did you know some people plan vacations to places they've only just discovered on National Plan For Vacation Day? Talk about celebrating a holiday with a bang!


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24th January 2017

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30th January 2018

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