National Poop Day

A cartoon illustration of a smiling poop emoji wearing a crown, symbolizing National Poop Day. The poop emoji is surrounded by colorful confetti, showing a festive celebration. The background depicts a bathroom with clean sanitation facilities and a responsible pet owner cleaning up after their pet. The image also includes a group of friends having a lighthearted conversation about gut health, while holding poop emoji cushions. They are dressed in casual and stylish clothing, reflecting a fun and trendy atmosphere. The scene is completed with a stack of books on gut health, indicating the importance of education and awareness. .
National poop day illustration

Hey, have you heard about a national day that celebrates one of the most natural, albeit a little stinky, processes of life? Yes, it's the National Poop Day! A touch quirky, it means every whiff, scoop and flush can have a giggle attached.

When is Poop Day?

It's national poop day on the 8th February.

All About National Poop Day

On National Poop Day, we commemorate the little (or big) nuggets that tell us so much about our health. Having its internet roots in 2021, it's a day of awareness, buoyancy, and some laughter too! It's a day with a 100 mention milestone, a new start for all bathroom enthusiasts. February 8, the day with the most mentions, is crowned as the official Poop Day.

A Day of Fun and Awareness

What's the point of having a day dedicated to poop? You might wonder. Besides being a fantastic opportunity for toilet humor, it’s also an important mechanism to discuss health issues and habits, without shame or embarrassment. This day allows us to normalize conversations about gut health, promoting digestion-boosting nutrition and regular exercise. Clean sanitation facilities and responsible pet ownership also top the list!

How to Celebrate?

There’s no defined way to celebrate National Poop Day, but here are some stink-tastic ideas for you! Start the day by appreciating your body's natural processes. Engage in some poop-related pranks - poop emoji cushions, anyone? Don't shy away from discussing bowel health with your friends or putting a scoop in the litter box. Tune in to some digestive health podcasts or read a book on gut health. And don't forget, this day makes for some great Instagram captions!

History behind the term 'Poop'


The Origin of the Term 'Poop'

The term 'poop' originated in the 1300s and has its roots in the French word 'poupe,' which means 'stern' or 'backside of a ship.' At that time, maritime terminology heavily influenced the English language, and 'poupe' referred specifically to the aft part of a ship.

late 1500s

Sailors' Slang: The Shorthened 'Poop deck'

By the late 1500s, sailors had started using the term 'poop deck' to describe the raised structure at the back of a ship, usually reserved for the captain. Over time, 'poop deck' became a common phrase among seafarers, and it began to be used to refer to other objects or ideas related to the rear of something.

early 1900s

Poop as a Slang Term for Excrement

In the early 1900s, 'poop' took on a new meaning as a slang term for excrement. It became an informal and somewhat vulgar way to refer to bodily waste. This usage likely evolved from the association of the rear end of a ship with waste disposal systems on board.


Internet Slang: 'Poop' Goes Digital

With the rise of the internet and online communication, 'poop' found a new life in the form of internet slang. It became commonly used as an emoji representation of excrement, adding a playful and humorous element to digital conversations. Today, the 'poop' emoji is widely recognized and used across various messaging platforms.

Did you know?

Did you know that an average person spends around 92 days of their life on the toilet? That's a lot of time for pondering!


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6th February 2017

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8th February 2021

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