National Pretzel Day

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Get ready to twist and shout because we are about to dive salty-deep into the doughy wonder that is National Pretzel Day! You heard it right, folks—there's an entire day dedicated to celebrating this twisted treat, and it's just a crunch away.

When is Pretzel Day?

It's national pretzel day on the 27th April.

It's a Twisted Tale!

National Pretzel Day, looping its way into online mentions, is celebrated annually on April 26. So, grab your mustard and get comfy, cause this story, like our favorite snack, has some twists and turns in store. From humble beginnings in a legendary monk's monastery to the biggest pretzel party in 2016, where we detected 70349 mentions, this national day has weaved an amazing narrative just like its iconic shape.

Breaking Bread Turns into Breaking Records

Our first stop takes us to the records that fell on April 27 in 2016 when National Pretzel Day baked its way to the top, proving that there's no such thing as too much pretzel! The internet practically knotted itself with pretzel memes, GIFs, and more puns than you could shake a pretzel stick at.

Do Twists Count as Cardio?

Jokes aside, pretzels are not just about indulgence. These tasty treats have powered some epic games of Twister, heated debates on the best condiments and been vital players in some of the funniest food fights. Remember the Pretzel Relay Race in 2013? Legends were forged. Sprinkles were scattered!

Kneading Together

More than anything, National Pretzel Day has become a day to connect, to celebrate, and to remember that the simple things—like pretzels—are often the most enjoyed. So here's to next year, and the next and the next. May your pretzels always be salty, your mustard always be tangy, and your National Pretzel Day always be a twist above!

History behind the term 'Pretzel'

610 AD

Monks in Monastery

The history of the term 'pretzel' can be traced back to the time when monks in a monastery in Southern France baked strips of dough and shaped them into the form of a child's arms folded in prayer. They called them 'pretiola,' which means 'little rewards' in Latin. These treats were given to children who had memorized their prayers as an incentive to continue their religious studies.

16th Century

The Twisted Knot

In the 16th century, the pretiola made its way to Germany where the shape of the treat started to evolve. Bakers started to twist the dough into a knot shape, resembling the crossed arms of a child in prayer. This new version became known as 'pretzel,' derived from the German word 'brezel.'

19th Century

A Bavarian Specialty

During the 19th century, pretzels gained popularity in Bavaria, Germany. The bakers in this region refined the technique of pretzel-making and perfected the golden brown crust and soft interior. Bavarian pretzels became known for their distinct flavor and texture, setting them apart from other versions.

20th Century

Pretzels Go Global

In the 20th century, German immigrants brought the tradition of pretzel-making to the United States. Philadelphia, known as the 'Cradle of Pretzels,' played a significant role in popularizing pretzels in America. Pretzels became a staple snack at baseball games, fairs, and street vendors, spreading their popularity across the country.

21st Century

International Appreciation

Today, pretzels have achieved international recognition and are enjoyed in various forms around the world. They come in different flavors, including salted, sesame, cinnamon, and even chocolate-covered. Pretzels have become a versatile snack, available in both crispy and soft varieties, satisfying the cravings of people of all ages and cultures.

Did you know?

Did you know that the pretzel is believed to have been invented by an Italian monk in the year 610 AD? He gave them as rewards to children who learned their prayers. You can say they were the original 'holy rollers'!


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