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Ever had an itch that only a vinyl record could scratch? Well then pull up a chair and lend me your ears! Cast your minds back to April 18, 2015, a day that set the internet abuzz with declarations of love for one of the most charmingly retro institutions still standing - the record store. Yes folks, we're talking about the National Record Store Day! An event so groovy it made the butterflies in our bellies do the twist and shout!

When is Record Store Day?

It's national record store day on the 18th April.

Getting Into The Groove

The humble record store - a place where time stands still and the ghosts of music past, present, and future converge in a symphony of nostalgia and raw, authentic sound. National Record Store Day is the tribute to this timeless hub that gets audiophiles' hearts spinning faster than a 45 RPM record! On this day, record stores across the nation throw open their doors for events, special releases and, yes, even impromptu concerts!

A Spin on History

On our internet records (no pun intended), the most mentions of National Record Store Day exploded on April 18, 2015. Brace yourself because this is when 4721 mentions travelled through cyberspace, bouncing off satellites and high-fiving speed of light, all to share their love and appreciation for these magical music maestros!

Record-Breaking Celebrations

National Record Store Day is more than just a tribute; it’s a cultural event. Whether you're an old school rocker or a hipster who just discovered vinyl's charm, this day is about celebrating the artistry, craftsmanship and thrill of music ‘in the raw’. It's not just about stepping into a store; it's about stepping into times that were, times that could be, and a timeless passion for music that binds us all.

History behind the term 'Record Store'


Invention of the phonograph

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, a device that could record and reproduce sound. This invention marked the birth of recorded audio and laid the foundation for the future of record stores.


The first commercial record store opens

In 1894, the first commercial record store named 'Theodore Birnbaum's Berliner Gramophone Shop' opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It specialized in selling gramophones, phonographs, and the disc records produced by Emile Berliner's company. This store was a precursor to the record stores we know today.


The rise of independent record stores

During the 1940s, independent record stores began to thrive across the United States. These stores catered to different genres and allowed music enthusiasts to discover and purchase a wide range of records, including popular, jazz, blues, and country. They became essential hubs for music lovers.


Golden age of record stores

The 1950s to 1970s marked the golden age of record stores. These decades witnessed a boom in the popularity of music and the vinyl record format. Record stores became cultural landmarks, attracting music enthusiasts, collectors, and artists. People spent hours browsing through vinyl records, listening to music, and connecting with others who shared their love for music.


The advent of cassette tapes and CDs

In the 1980s, cassette tapes and later compact discs (CDs) started to gain popularity. Record stores had to adapt to the changing music landscape by offering these formats alongside vinyl records. The introduction of these portable and convenient formats brought further changes to the way people consumed music.


The decline of record stores

With the rise of digital music, especially the MP3 format and the popularity of online platforms like Napster, record stores faced a significant decline in sales. Music lovers started shifting to online music purchases and downloads. This decade marked a challenging time for many traditional record stores, and many had to close their doors.


The vinyl revival and independent record stores

The 2000s saw a gradual resurgence in vinyl records and the revival of independent record stores. Music enthusiasts started appreciating the warmth and nostalgic experience of vinyl, leading to an increase in vinyl record sales. Independent record stores, often run by passionate owners, became havens for vinyl collectors, rare finds, and music-related events.

Present day

Record stores in the digital age

Record stores have evolved to adapt to the digital age. Many have embraced online platforms and digital music sales while still maintaining a physical presence. Despite the availability of music streaming and digital downloads, record stores continue to attract music lovers who appreciate the tangible experience, the thrill of crate-digging, and the joy of connecting with like-minded individuals.

Did you know?

Here's something that'll get your records spinning - vinyl records are expected to outsell CDs for the first time since 1986! Who said old school wasn't cool, eh?


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