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Oh boy, do we have a day for you! National Roast Jared Day isn't your run-of-the-mill, everyday national day. Absolutely not! So, get your emojis ready and your GIF game strong, because it's time we appreciated our good friend Jared in the roastiest way possible!

When is Roast Jared Day?

It's national roast jared day on the 29th February.

What Exactly is National Roast Jared Day?

For starters, let's get something out of the way - no, we're not cooking Jared! This isn't a culinary event, more a jovial jesting celebration! National Roast Jared Day is quite an exclusive event that made its first internet appearance in 2016. Its existence can be traced back to four unique online mentions, peaking on the rather rare date of February 29, 2016. Now, whoever decided to honor Jared on a day that technically only exists every four years certainly has a glorious sense of humor!

Why Celebrate This Day?

The idea is simple. It's Jared's turn in the hot seat, so to speak. It's all about handing out friendly (and cheeky!) gibes at Jared's expense. It's not about being mean, it's all fun and games. Surrounding Jared with laughter, friendly insults, and silly tales brings about a sense of unity, camaraderie, and a break from the usual humdrum. So, if you know a Jared, brace yourselves, because on this day, roasting him is not just ok, it’s encouraged!

How to Celebrate?

Join the fun by posting your best Jared-friendly ribbing online or get creative with some face-to-face jesting. Just remember, keep it light, friendly, and all in good spirits. After all, the aim of the game is to make Jared and everyone else laugh!

History behind the term 'Roast Jared'


The Rise of Jared Fogle

In 2005, Jared Fogle became a household name after Subway launched an advertising campaign featuring his inspiring weight loss story. Fogle claimed to have lost a significant amount of weight by eating Subway sandwiches regularly, attracting considerable media attention and turning him into a celebrity.


Roast Jared Emerges

In 2006, the term 'roast Jared' started to gain traction on various online platforms and forums. It originated as a humorous response to Fogle's ubiquitous presence in Subway's promotional campaigns. As a way to poke fun at his notoriety, individuals began creating jokes and memes about 'roasting' Jared Fogle.


Scandal Shatters Fogle's Image

In 2015, Jared Fogle's image took a dramatic downturn when he was arrested on charges related to possession of child pornography and engaging in illicit sexual activities with minors. This scandal not only tarnished his reputation, but it also had a significant impact on Subway as a whole.


Roast Jared Takes a Dark Turn

Following Jared Fogle's arrest and subsequent conviction, 'roast Jared' jokes took on a more sinister tone. People began mocking his criminal actions and used the term 'roast Jared' to further condemn his behavior. It served as a way for the public to express their outrage and disdain for Fogle's disturbing actions.


Remembering the Fall of Fogle

Today, 'roast Jared' may occasionally resurface in online discussions and memes as a reminder of Fogle's fall from grace. It serves as a cautionary tale and symbolizes the consequences of abusing fame and influence. While the term maintains a dark undertone, it also encapsulates the power of social media to hold individuals accountable for their actions.

Did you know?

Did you know? The word 'roast' in the context of humor originates from the tradition of 'roast dinners' where invitees would gather to poke good-natured fun at the person of honor, just like in a roast dinner, where the roasted dish is the centerpiece!


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