National Rubber Ducky Day

Young child playing with a bright yellow rubber ducky in a bubble-filled bathtub, surrounded by rubber duckies of different colors and sizes. Bath towel with a cute duck pattern hanging nearby..
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Quack, Quack! Who knew that our bathtime friends had their very own national day? Well, hold on to your feathers because it's time to celebrate National Rubber Ducky Day.

When is Rubber Ducky Day?

It's national rubber ducky day on the 13th January.

A Splashy Tale

On January 13th each year, we honor our squeaky companions. Rubber Ducky Day may seem just like another drop in the ocean of quirky holidays, but its history is as filled as your bathtub after you left the tap running because you got distracted by a phone call. Oops!

It's Not Just Child's Play

Contrary to what you might think, rubber ducks are not just bath-time buddies for the kiddos. People in their 60's, 70's, and even older are quacking up with joy each National Rubber Ducky day. This might have everything to do with the fact that the most mentions were on January 13, 2017, probably because a whopping 2863 people couldn't help but share their quacking replicant online!

Afloat in Pop Culture

The rubber ducky went from being a simple bath toy to a cultural icon over the years. From cameos in popular films to being featured in the Sesame Street (thanks to Ernie's song 'Rubber Duckie'), it has certainly made a splash in pop culture. Our feathered friend even managed to waddle into our hearts via the radio when Ernie’s ditty got to number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970. Talk about making waves!

History behind the term 'Rubber Ducky'


Charles Goodyear Discovers Vulcanization

In 1801, Charles Goodyear, an American inventor, accidentally discovered the process of vulcanization. While conducting experiments with raw rubber, he accidentally dropped a mixture of rubber and sulfur onto a hot stove. To his surprise, he found that the rubber became tough and durable, unlike the sticky and perishable state of raw rubber. This discovery revolutionized the rubber industry, making rubber a widely used material in various applications.


Jim Henson's Rubber Ducky on Sesame Street

In 1970, the iconic rubber ducky gained worldwide fame thanks to Jim Henson's inclusion of the character on the popular children's television show, Sesame Street. The lovable and squeaky yellow rubber ducky, named Ernie's Rubber Duckie, quickly became a favorite amongst both children and adults. Its popularity skyrocketed, turning the small toy into a cultural icon and symbol of childhood joy.


Rubber Ducky Inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame

In 2001, the rubber ducky was recognized for its cultural significance and impact when it was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. The rubber ducky's ability to bring joy and entertainment to people of all ages, its association with childhood bath time rituals, and its timeless appeal contributed to its inclusion in this prestigious hall of fame. The induction solidified the rubber ducky's status as an enduring and beloved toy.

Did you know?

Did you know the world's largest rubber duck was 18.6 meters tall and was set afloat in Hong Kong during a 2013 art exhibition? Talk about a bath-time gigant-o-duck!


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