National Sam Day

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Raise a glass to toast National Sam Day- a day we caught wind of from online mentions that might just tickle your funny bone and warm your heart in equal measures. It might not have a centuries-old history or grand parades in its honor yet, but oh boy, does it have spirit!

When is Sam Day?

It's national sam day on the 20th November.

On the Trail of National Sam Day

National Sam Day- a day that brightened our screens 38 times since we started tracking. Curiously, the heaviest concentration of its mentions was on November 20th, 2016. But why November 20? What might have triggered this Samtastic day? A savory sandwich? A cherished pet? A beloved family member or friend named Sam? Whatever the trigger, it's clear Sam has struck a chord worldwide.

A Sam By Any Other Name

Say what you will, there's something intriguing about the name Sam. Short for Samuel or Samantha, it's been a familiar favorite for generations. Could this holiday be a warm-hearted salute to all the Sams who have touched our lives in one way or another? Or perhaps it's a tongue-in-cheek wink to the colloquial 'average Joe' figure – the Everyday Sam.

No Ordinary Day

While the concept of National Sam Day may invite a chuckle or two, it also offers a fantastic chance to appreciate the Sams in our lives. From family to friends, to your favorite sandwich (because who could resist a Sandwich 'Sam'wich), this is the perfect excuse to remember and honor all things Sam. And who knows? It might just be the nudge we all need to reach out to our dear Sams or revisit our favorite Sam-themed books or movies.

History behind the term 'Sam'

800 AD

Origins in Old English

The term 'sam' originates from Old English, where it was spelled 'same', meaning 'identical' or 'unchanged'. It was commonly used to refer to something that was similar or alike in every way.

14th Century

Evolution into a Shorter Term

Over time, the term 'same' gradually transformed into 'sam', becoming a shorter and more convenient way to refer to something that was identical or unchanged. This alteration of the word allowed for easier pronunciation and usage.

19th Century

Inclusion in English Dialects

As the English language evolved, 'sam' became widely used in various dialects. It found its place in regional vocabularies across England and was commonly understood as a synonym for 'same'. This increased its usage and allowed it to become embedded in the vocabulary of the time.

20th Century

Integration into Modern English

With the standardization of the English language, 'sam' became recognized as a legitimate word and was included in formal dictionaries. It became an accepted part of modern English vocabulary, maintaining its meaning of 'identical' or 'unchanged'. The term remains in use today, particularly in colloquial language and certain regional dialects.

Did you know?

Did you know 'Sam' is a short form for both a male and female name? This means it’s a unisex name, even if its full forms are gender-specific!


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First identified

7th July 2015

Most mentioned on

20th November 2016

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