National School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

A cheerful school crossing guard standing at a busy intersection, wearing a high visibility jacket and holding a stop sign. They have a warm smile on their face while helping a group of school children cross the road safely. The scene is set on a sunny morning with colorful backpacks and lunch boxes scattered around..
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Step aside schoolteachers, move over mathletes; today we are tipping our hats to the unsung heroes of the school day. Yes, you guessed right, we're talking about the noble School Crossing Guards on their special day, National School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. For those of you who haven't heard of this grand occasion (haven’t you!?), allow us to enlighten you.

When is School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day?

It's national school crossing guard appreciation day on the 3rd February.

National School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Originating from the humblest of internet shouts on 03rd of February 2017 where we recorded 32 mentions on our radar, this day of respect and gratitude towards our school crossing guards, is something that's worth stopping traffic for (pun intended!).

The Heroes In Highlights

School Crossing Guards across the nation stand, come rain or shine, ensuring our little cherubs reach their classrooms safely. Their high visibility jackets may not have capes, but these folks are superheroes in their own right. They manage traffic, children, and unpredictable weather with a smile on their faces, creating a safe passage for our children and their clutter of backpacks and lunch boxes.

An Ode to Appreciation

National School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day is an opportunity for us to doff our caps and offer a heartfelt 'thank you' to these local heroes. How? The beauty is in its simplicity. A cheery smile, a thankful wave, or a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning does wonders.

Impact Beyond The Crossing

Their impact is not just seen at the school crossing but felt deeply in the community. They are those friendly faces in the morning, treating every child like their own, and providing parents with a priceless sense of security. Let’s be honest, we could all use a sense of calm during the school drop-off madness!

History behind the term 'School Crossing Guard Appreciation'


The birth of school crossing guards

In 1896, the concept of school crossing guards was introduced in the United Kingdom. Concerned with the safety of children going to and from school, the Metropolitan Police appointed the first group of adults to help children safely cross busy streets. This marked the humble beginnings of school crossing guards.


Formal recognition of school crossing guards

In the 1920s, the role of school crossing guards became more formalized. Various countries, including the United States, started to establish laws and regulations to ensure the safety of children at pedestrian crossings. School crossing guards, often referred to as lollipop men and women due to the lollipop-shaped stop signs they carried, began to gain recognition for their important role in safeguarding young students.


World's first School Crossing Patrol Day

In 1951, the United Kingdom took a significant step forward in recognizing the efforts of school crossing guards by establishing the world's first School Crossing Patrol Day. This day aimed to raise awareness about the important role these guards play in ensuring the safety of children. It served as a special occasion to appreciate and acknowledge the dedication of these unsung heroes.


National School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

The appreciation for school crossing guards continued to grow, and in 1994, the United States officially designated the third Tuesday in February as National School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. This day allowed communities across the nation to honor and thank their local crossing guards for their service and commitment to the well-being of children.

Did you know?

Did you know, the first school crossing guard program was implemented in Omaha, Nebraska in 1923? It was one small step for a crossing guard, one giant leap for pedestrian child safety!


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