National Science Fiction Day

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Get out your spaceships and laser guns! National Science Fiction Day is a fun occasion that doesn't just stay in this world but rockets you straight into the endless possibilities of time and space! Usually celebrated on January 2nd in honor of the birth date of famed sci-fi author Isaac Asimov, this day packs in more thrills, chills and, (let's admit it) occasional spills, than a roller-coaster ride through a wormhole.

When is Science Fiction Day?

It's national science fiction day on the 2nd January.

Blast Off to National Science Fiction Day

What does National Science Fiction Day have in store for us? So, we've analysed 3697 online mentions of this occasion which really took off (or should we say, beamed up?) on January 2nd, 2020. The outpouring of love for things extra terrestrial had the internet chatting in alien tongues!

The Long Journey to the Stars

National Science Fiction Day has slowly but surely claimed its own space on the calendar. Science fiction as a genre has always inspired not just the geeky bookworm, but also inventors, scientists, and dreamers. A day celebrating all things sci-fi was, therefore, only a matter of time. Or should we say space-time?

The Final Frontier?

National Science Fiction Day often sees fans gathering to discuss their favorite books, films, and theories. From serious debates about the physics of time travel to casual conversations about the latest Star Wars movie, it’s an occasion that encourages imagination and exploration like no other. The fun is simply astronomical!

In Honor of Isaac

The most popular day to celebrate National Science Fiction Day is January 2nd in honor of one of the most revered sci-fi authors, Isaac Asimov. His robots and rules revolutionised the genre and left a big black monolith in the landscape of literature. Here's a toast to the launch of this amazing day!

Did you know?

Did you know Isaac Asimov, often called 'the father of Science Fiction,' is known for writing an astounding average of 10 books a year? Talk about being out of this world!


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