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Welcome to the glorious celebration of freedom, spontaneity, and self-affection known as the National Single asf Day! But before you start buying all those half-price chocolates for yourself, let's dive into the twist and turns of this amusing digital phenomenon.

When is Single Asf Day?

It's national single asf day on the 5th October.

National Single asf Day - The Beginning

The journey of National Single asf Day began in the vast world of the Internet. With a total mention of 10585 times, the day became a riot in the online space. The zenith of its popularity was reached on October 5, 2020, when single folks everywhere decided to raise their hands and own their relationship status with pride.

Celebration Galore

National Single asf Day is pretty straightforward. It's a day when singletons celebrate the joys of being unattached. It's not about sulking around or feeling lonely, but rather about embracing independence, cherishing solitude, and the freedom to eat that last slice of pizza without anyone judging.

Why Do We Celebrate It?

The Day answers the increasing need for acceptance and validation among singles. In a world that is often seen through rose-tinted glasses of romance, being single is seen as an aberration. But no more! The day is a shout out from the rooftops proclaiming that being 'Single asf' is just as satisfying and rewarding as being in a relationship.

How To Get Involved

Buy yourself a treat, binge-watch your favorite shows, or simply relish the peace and quiet. Whatever way you choose, remember it's your day, and no one else's opinion matters. So go wild, stay in control and join the internet in celebrating the National Single asf Day.

History behind the term 'Single Asf'


Origin of 'single asf'

The term 'single asf' originates from the online colloquialism 'ASF,' an abbreviation for 'as fuck.' The use of 'as fuck' in online slang began around the mid-2000s as a way to intensify an adjective or adverb. It became popular on various internet forums and chat platforms, serving as a way for people to emphasize a particular characteristic or mood.


Evolution of 'single asf'

In 2010, the term 'single asf' emerged as an extension of the 'ASF' acronym. It gained popularity as a way for individuals to emphasize their single relationship status. The addition of 'asf' after 'single' intensified the idea of being unattached and reinforced the sentiment of being unequivocally single.


Spread through social media

With the rise of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, the term 'single asf' gained significant traction in 2014. People began using it as a hashtag or including it in captions to express their relationship status. It quickly became a relatable and widely recognized phrase used by individuals who were proud or content with their single status.


Integration into popular culture

By 2017, 'single asf' had been firmly integrated into popular culture, especially among younger generations. It became a common phrase used in memes, online discussions, and casual conversations. Its usage expanded beyond solely describing relationship status and was sometimes employed humorously to describe situations or attitudes beyond just singleness.


Continued usage and adaptation

Today, 'single asf' remains a widely recognized term, often used humorously, confidently, or even self-deprecatingly to describe a person's single relationship status. It has become an enduring part of internet and pop culture slang, reflecting the evolving dynamics of relationships and societal attitudes towards being single.

Did you know?

The term 'asf' used in National Single asf Day is an abbreviation for 'as freak,' used to emphasize the intense degree of singledom.


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