National Sleep In Day

Illustration of a cozy bed with pillows, soft blankets, and the sun peaking through the curtains. Pajamas and slippers nearby, capturing the essence of a perfect sleep-in day..
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Once upon a snooze fest, we uncovered a day dedicated to every hardworking individual's dream activity - sleeping in! Yes, it's National Sleep-In Day! An occasion lovingly embraced by late-risers, hibernation enthusiasts, and the generally sleep-deprived alike.

When is Sleep In Day?

It's national sleep in day on the 30th October.

Everything you needed to know about National Sleep-In Day

This zesty little holiday took off around the internet like a warm blanket on a cold night. Our sleepy heads recorded a star-studded 3371 mentions of National Sleep-In Day, with the countdown to the snoring symphony reaching peak hype on October 30, 2016.

The Luxurious Lie-in Legends

So, where did this day to celebrate extra eyeshut come from? While the history of National Sleep-In Day is half tucked into the mysteries of the internet, the sentiment behind it is something we can relate to. After a week of hard work and early alarm clocks, who wouldn't seize the chance to turn off that annoying ringtone and spend a few more delightful moments in the arms of Morpheus?

The Sweet Sleep Sanctuary

On this blessed day, droolers and dreamers unite to honour the art of sleeping in without guilt or interruption. It's a day to disconnect the alarm, perfect your pancake sleeping position, and truly appreciate the tranquillity of tranquillity (which can only be achieved after hitting 'snooze' three or four times).

Wake up to the Joy of Sleeping In

So, here's to all the sleepyheads out there! May your dreams be sweet, your pillows fluffy, and your morning sun always hidden behind a thick set of curtains. Happy National Sleep-In Day!

Did you know?

Did you know that our need for sleep is governed by two things? A homeostatic sleep drive and a circadian biological clock. Both these elements are disturbed when we don't get enough sleep. Remember this next time you hover over that snooze button!


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22nd September 2015

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30th October 2016

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