National Slow Down Day

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Ever felt like life is moving too fast? While some masters of zen might claim to have it sussed, those of us in the real world could use a helping hand. Enter National Slow Down Day – a day to hit the brakes, kick back, and take it easy. Hats off to whoever dreamt this one up with the slow cooker on, feet up and fingers in the tub of ice cream! Let's buckle up (not too quickly!) and journey into this delightfully relaxed day.

When is Slow Down Day?

It's national slow down day on the 21st October.

A Look Into National Slow Down Day

Our records indicate a whopping 2213 mentions of National Slow Down Day online. The majority of these digital whispers occurred on October 21st, 2016. Ah, 2016 – a simpler time when the most famous Donald was a duck with anger management issues, not a Twitter-tapping president. But back to Slow Down Day, which clearly took the internet by storm that year.

Why Do We Celebrate It?

There is an undercurrent of hustle and bustle in today's fast-paced world that makes us forget the beauty of slowing down. National Slow Down Day is an antidote to this rush and a gentle reminder that it's okay to step off the hamster wheel occasionally. On this day, time’s ticking hand takes a breather, and we get to savor life in a different rhythm.

How to Celebrate?

Celebrating National Slow Down Day could be as simple as enjoying your morning coffee a bit longer, taking a scenic route to work, or having a leisurely meal. Bringing mindfulness into our everyday actions can make a huge difference. Cook a slow meal, read a book, meditate, or just lazily flip channels on TV. The motto is 'No Hurry, No Worry'!

Words to the Wise

Remember, though, the goal here isn't just to become Zen masters overnight but to find moments of calm and brief respite amid our busy lives. There's no need to slog through chores or tasks – slow and steady really wins the race on this day!

Did you know?

Did you know the concept of 'slow living' starte in Italy? It led to the 'Cittaslow' movement in the 1980s defying fast food culture and urban stress. They were evidently onto something!


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