National Soft Ice Cream Day

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Alrighty then! Buckle up and put your taste buds on alert because we're about to dive into the deliciously frosty world of National Soft Ice Cream Day. Yes folks, even our beloved whippy ice cream gets its day to shine. No waffling on this one (pun totally intended), so let's continue to the incredible journey of this tasty treat.

When is Soft Ice Cream Day?

It's national soft ice cream day on the 23rd August.

A Swirl of History

When thinking about soft ice cream, your mind may be swirling with thoughts of hot summer days and that iconic jingle of the ice cream truck. But do you know the astonishing story behind this delightful treat? Ironically, it's pretty cool!

The mention of 'Soft Ice Cream Day' first started to gently dot the internet landscape as far back as 2011. It was not until the sweet summer day of 23rd August 2017 where we recorded the most mentions of the day ever. On this day, it seemed the world stopped to raise their wafer cones in unison to celebrate. 2569 online salutes were made to this frosty delight, more than any other day.

The Soft Side of Ice Cream

Soft serve, also known as soft ice, is a type of ice cream that is smoother and less dense than regular ice creams due to air being introduced during freezing. It was first introduced by the Dairy Queen company way back in 1938, and it's been stealing our hearts (and enticing our taste buds) ever since.

Why We Should Salute Soft Serve

Despite not actually needing a reason to devour soft ice cream on any day (because let's be honest, it's just that good), National Soft Ice Cream Day gives us an official license to relish this heavenly treat without any guilt. It encourages us to take a pause from our chaotic lives, and imbibe in the simple, yet profound joy that comes from a well-served cone of this creamy delight. So, here's to the soft ice cream, for being the champion of ice creams, the master chiller and the nostalgia inducer!

Did you know?

Did you know that medium vanillas are the most popular soft serve order? Seems like less is more when it comes to this frosty treat!


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18th August 2015

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23rd August 2017

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