National Son Day

A heartwarming image of a parent embracing their son in a joyful hug, surrounded by scattered toys and homemade crafts. The parent is wearing a cozy sweater, while the son is dressed in a superhero costume. The scene takes place in a cozy living room filled with love and laughter..
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Buckle up everyone, because we're going to take a closer look at National Son Day! A day where breakfasts in bed mysteriously transform into video game battles, and those 'borrowed (read stolen)' sneakers somehow find their way back to the rightful owner. Yes, that's right, a day dedicated to your mini-me's (or not-so-mini-anymore), your male offspring, your lasting legacy, and the apple of your eye.

When is Son Day?

It's national son day on the 29th September.

What is National Son Day?

National Son Day is a day celebrated by parents all over the world to show their sons how much they are loved and cherished. A day packed with family activities, hearty meals (read endless snacks), and many, 'I’m proud of you' exchanges. Although it is not officially recognized by the government, it hardly matters when the internet caught wind of it.

The Cyberlife of National Son Day

The online recognition of this day truly took the lead in 2020. We detected 11123 mentions - wow, that's enough sons to start an army! But don’t worry, this army is more about hugs than wars. The mentions peaked on September 29, kicking off a sentimental trend of appreciating sons online. Now, who’s cutting onions around here? We saw floods of social media posts, blogs, and videos, brimming with love, and yes, laughter because 'boys will be boys'!

Commemorating National Son Day

Memories created on this day range from baking (read burning) brownies together, to failed attempts at recreating viral TikTok dances. There’s something special about moments of shared laughter amidst the occasional chaos. The essence of National Son Day lies in embracing all parts of your son's life and creating moments that become precious memories.

History behind the term 'Son'

Old English Period (450-1100)

Origins of 'son'

During the Old English period, the term 'son' originated from the Old English word 'sunu', which was derived from the Germanic 'sunuz'. This term was widely used to refer to a male child or offspring, emphasizing the biological relationship with the father. The word 'sunu' gradually transformed into 'son' as the English language evolved over the centuries.

Middle English Period (1100-1500)

Expanding meanings

In the Middle English period, the term 'son' expanded its meaning beyond biological connections to include social relationships. It started to encompass the concept of a male descendant, regardless of biological ties. This shift allowed 'son' to be used metaphorically, representing a close bond between individuals, and as a term of endearment or respect. It became an integral part of familial and social structures, emphasizing lineage and inheritance.

Modern English Period (1500-present)

Continued usage and evolution

In Modern English, the term 'son' continued to be widely used, retaining its core meaning of a male child or descendant. However, it also transcended traditional family settings. 'Son' became a term used metaphorically in various contexts, such as addressing someone with affection or admiration, or referring to a person under the care or guidance of another. Additionally, the term 'son' found its way into idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms, contributing to the rich tapestry of the English language.

Did you know?

Did you know that the most popular gifts on National Son Day are video games and sporting equipment? But the real kicker is this - studies have shown that sons appreciate time spent together more than materialistic gifts. Go ahead, grab that controller, it's time for some family Fortnite!


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