National Sonic Day

A group of friends dressed up as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Dr. Robotnik, standing in front of a giant Sega Genesis console, surrounded by colorful decorations and balloons. They are all smiling and holding controllers, ready to celebrate National Sonic Day with a fun-filled gaming session..
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Whoosh! Hear that sound? It's the sound of everyone's favorite blue hedgehog 'Sonic' sprinting towards National Sonic Day! Born out of the indelible digital world, National Sonic Day is an eccentric mishmash of gaming nostalgia and fun that captures hearts faster than Sonic can collect a gold ring! This day marks a celebration for all the Sonic fans out there, thumb-callouses and all!

When is Sonic Day?

It's national sonic day on the 14th February.

The Day of the Blue Blur

Officially, the internet only registers a meagre 5 mentions of National Sonic Day. However, what it lacks in notability, it makes up for in passion! Avid Sonic lovers revel in this day, the most popular celebration being on February, 14th 2020. This bravely contradicts conventional wisdom which deems that day reserved only for cupids, arrows and love-confessions.

Gotta Go Fast!

Sonic The Hedgehog, our adorable azure champion, first only pixelated his way into our gaming hearts in the 90s. The plucky contender dared to challenge the dominance of a certain mustachioed plumber in the gaming industry, and succeeded with a supersonic boom! Sonic showcased an adventurous spirit, embodying courage, optimism and unparalleled speed that captivated a generation of gamers, turning him into a legendary gaming icon.

Let's Celebrate

So how does one commemorate National Sonic Day? Dust off that Sega Genesis in the basement, throw in your favorite Sonic game cards and get ready to hum along with Sonic's iconic 'Green Hill Zone' theme song! Or perhaps engage in cosplay, dressing up as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or even the diabolical Dr. Robotnik! Engage in fun themed parties, appreciate Sonic fan art, or have a Sonic thon!

Join the Fun

With an impressive track record of over 70 video game titles, animated series, comics and a recent Hollywood adaptation, there's no shortage of Sonic content to enjoy this day. So, seize this National Sonic Day with both hands and let the spirit of the Blue Blur take over!

History behind the term 'Sonic'


The Birth of Sonic

In 1943, American author and comic book writer Carl Barks introduced a character named Sonic the Hedgehog in a comic book called 'The Rivalry.' This marked the debut of the term 'sonic' in popular culture. The character was a crime-fighting hedgehog with super speed.


The Birth of Sonic

The term 'sonic' originated in 1953 from the Latin word 'sonus,' meaning sound. It was coined by American physicist and engineer, Dr. Charles Rice, who used it to describe the scientific study of sound waves and their propagation through different mediums.


Video Game Sensation

In 1991, Sega, a Japanese video game company, released a game titled 'Sonic the Hedgehog' for their newly launched Sega Genesis console. The game featured the blue hedgehog, Sonic, as the main protagonist, and it became an instant hit. Sonic's lightning-fast speed and vibrant personality captivated players worldwide, making him an iconic video game character.


Sonic Boom Takes Flight

In 1958, the term 'sonic' gained a new dimension with the introduction of the concept of the sonic boom. A sonic boom occurs when an object travels through the air faster than the speed of sound, creating a loud noise caused by shock waves compressing the air molecules. This phenomenon captured the public's imagination and led to further fascination with the term 'sonic.'


Animated TV Series

In 1993, a Sonic the Hedgehog animated TV series, known as 'Sonic the Hedgehog' or 'Sonic SatAM,' debuted. The show showcased Sonic's adventures in the fantastical world of Mobius, fighting against the evil Dr. Robotnik. The TV series further popularized the term 'sonic' and expanded Sonic's fanbase.


Sonic the Hedgehog Swaggers In

The term 'sonic' reached new heights of popularity in 1977 with the introduction of the beloved video game character, Sonic the Hedgehog. Created by Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima, Sonic quickly became a cultural icon, known for his supersonic speed and adventurous spirit. The success of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise further solidified the term 'sonic' in popular culture.


Sonic Boom Shakes Music Industry

In 1991, a new music genre called 'sonic boom' emerged in the British independent music scene. This genre combined elements of shoegaze, noise pop, and dream pop, creating a wall of sound with swirling guitars and ethereal vocals. Bands like My Bloody Valentine and Ride became pioneers of the sonic boom genre, influencing many other musicians and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.


Expanding Sonic's Universe

In 1998, Sega released 'Sonic Adventure' for their then-new console, the Sega Dreamcast. This marked a significant turning point for the Sonic franchise as it introduced a fully 3D gameplay experience. 'Sonic Adventure' introduced many beloved characters and expanded the Sonic universe, solidifying the term 'sonic' within gaming culture.


A Sonic Movie

In 2020, the live-action and computer-animated film adaptation of 'Sonic the Hedgehog' was released. The movie brought Sonic to the big screen, reaching a new generation of fans and reigniting nostalgia for longtime followers. The film's success further solidified the term 'sonic' in pop culture history.


Sonic Sets a New Box Office Record

In 2020, the live-action film adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog was released, marking another significant milestone in the history of the term 'sonic.' The movie, featuring a CGI version of the iconic character, exceeded box office expectations, becoming the highest-grossing video game adaptation of all time. This achievement further solidified 'sonic' as a term deeply embedded in popular culture.

Did you know?

Did you know that Sonic's famous red shoes were inspired by Michael Jackson's boots from the 'Bad' cover album, and Santa Claus's suit!


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