National Stay In Bed Day

Cozy up in your bed with fluffy pillows and a warm blanket, surrounded by a sea of books, a steaming cup of coffee resting on a bedside table. Your attire includes comfy pajamas and fuzzy socks, creating the perfect environment to relax and unwind on National Stay in Bed Day..
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Get your coziest blanket and a pillow just right because it's National Stay in Bed Day! This dozy day sweeps the internet once a year, and if you missed it this time, there's always the next. A completely original excuse to enjoy Sunday's unruly twin on any other day of the week.

When is Stay In Bed Day?

It's national stay in bed day on the 20th November.

When Does National Stay in Bed Day Fall?

According to the metadata from, National Stay in Bed Day was mentioned a whopping 778 times online. Grabbing the most attention on November 20, 2016, it's a day where the comfort of your bed is celebrated and thoroughly appreciated.

Snuggling in the Internet History

Delving into the online history of National Stay in Bed Day, it seems to be a cuddly phenomenon that united the internet in a massive, world-wide sleep-in in 2016. Despite a little ambiguity surrounding the exact origins of this comforting day, the day has become an online mainstay.

Why Stay in Bed?

We've all had those mornings where the allure of the warm bed is just too strong to ignore. On National Stay in Bed Day, snuggling becomes a duty, and we're allowed, even encouraged, to indulge in the soft warmth of our quilts. It's a day designed for rest, leisure, and reconnecting with the sacred art of doing absolutely nothing. A perfect chance to catch up on sleep, dive into a captivating book, or enjoy breakfast without leaving your comfortable cocoon.

How to Celebrate?

On National Stay in Bed Day, celebration equals relaxation. Stay in bed all day while exploring the realms of binge-watching your favorite shows, studying cloud formations out of your window, or enjoying your cup of traditional coffee or adventurous matcha in bed. You are limited only by your ability to nestle up and get comfortable.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Stay In Bed Day actually has a noble cause too? Some people also use this day to raise awareness for chronic illnesses that often forces individuals to stay in bed. Now, that's a way to make snoozes count!


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7th April 2015

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20th November 2016

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