National Stop Bullying Day

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October, a month of fallen leaves, pumpkin spiced everything, and suddenly, we break into serious territory with National Stop Bullying Day. This is the day we all join online forces to say old-school bullies are so 20th Century, and bullying in any form is simply not on, or should we say offline!

When is Stop Bullying Day?

It's national stop bullying day on the 9th October.

When Did National Stop Bullying Day Start?

When it comes to the origins of this brave national day, it seems the internet itself is somewhat confused (go figure). What we do know is that launched the first Monday of October as Blue Shirt Day or World Day of Bullying Prevention in 2007. Seeing that everyone started rallying behind this cause, what seemed like a fashion statement turned into the 'National Stop Bullying Day' as we know it.

Most Mentions In 2019

Looking at the data we have collated at, we can tell you that our detectives (yes, we got 'em!) have hefty evidence of 2427 mentions of National Stop Bullying Day online, with the most mentions occurring on 9th October 2019. Yes, that’s right! The internet decided to utilize its power for good and bring voices together against bullying, instead of arguing about which is the best Starbucks autumn drink (spoiler alert, it’s Pumpkin Spice Latte – or is it...).

The Impact of The National Stop Bullying Day

The good news, National Stop Bullying Day has been a beacon of awareness for people to pay attention, act and defend those who are being bullied. It's a reminder that the keyboard or phone can be a source of joy, meaningful connections, and sharing pictures of cats being, well, cats, rather than a tool for harm. It's about time we all fall in line with kindness, don't you agree?

Simple Rule

The rule for National Stop Bully day is deceptively simple: if you wouldn't say it in person, don't type it. (Also, typos are not bully worthy, autocorrect must laugh to no end, making us type out 'duck' when… ahem, different words were intended).

History behind the term 'Stop Bullying'


Emergence of the term 'bullying'

The term 'bullying' originated in the 1970s, primarily in the field of psychology. It was used to describe aggressive and repeated behavior intended to harm or intimidate others, particularly in a school setting. Researchers began studying the detrimental effects of bullying on both the victims and the perpetrators.


Awareness and advocacy efforts

In the 1990s, awareness about bullying began to grow, thanks to increased media coverage and advocacy efforts. Organizations such as the National Crime Prevention Council and the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program started actively addressing the issue. This step marked the beginning of efforts to educate the public about the negative consequences of bullying and the importance of taking action to prevent it.


The framework of 'Stop Bullying'

In 2002, the term 'Stop Bullying' gained prominence as a call to action to combat the prevalence of bullying. The phrase encapsulated the urgency and collective responsibility needed to address this pervasive issue. 'Stop Bullying' became a rallying cry for schools, communities, and individuals to take a stand against bullying.


National Bullying Prevention Month

In 2010, the United States officially designated October as National Bullying Prevention Month, a key step in raising awareness on a national scale. This declaration aimed to unite various stakeholders, including educators, parents, and students, to actively promote kindness, inclusion, and the prevention of bullying. National Bullying Prevention Month has since become an annual observance in many countries.


Spread of anti-bullying campaigns

In 2013, anti-bullying campaigns gained significant traction worldwide. The widespread use of social media platforms facilitated the rapid dissemination of anti-bullying messages and resources. Prominent organizations like the It Gets Better Project and the Kindness Campaign leveraged the power of online connectivity to reach millions of individuals and encourage positive change.


Ongoing efforts and legislation

The fight against bullying continues to this day. Numerous countries have implemented legislation to address bullying in schools and workplaces, highlighting its severity as a societal issue. Many organizations and schools have adopted comprehensive anti-bullying policies, emphasizing prevention, intervention, and support for victims. The term 'Stop Bullying' is now widely recognized and a testament to the collective determination to create safe and inclusive environments for all.

Did you know?

Did you know: The first Monday of every October is known as Blue Shirt Day, an initiative launched in 2007 by to kick-off Bullying Prevention Month in a united, colourful, and fashion-forward manner.


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