National Strike Day

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Isn't it just quintessentially internet to have a National Strike Day lurking around in its gigabytes? After all, who said days need to be about the fluffier side of life like cuddly kittens and sweet desserts only? Sometimes, we have to raise our virtual posters and declare a day-off, just because it's National Strike Day! Gather around as we spill the digital tea about this somewhat unconventional day.

When is Strike Day?

It's national strike day on the 16th February.

The Lighter Side of Labor Movements

Though National Strike Day strikes (pun totally expected) as a day to put on a serious composure, internet history suggests a mirthful side to it. National Strike Day first made a buzz on the internet with 2385 mentions, but things hit a crescendo on February 16, 2017. Now, why that day? We’re still cracking that code and our best guess so far is that it was a slow Thursday and the internet just needed some spice.

Off Key, Yet On Strike

While specific motives behind National Strike Day are as clear as mud, the excitement and solidarity that bring the webbed world together are as real as your coffee crush. The idea seems to be about raising awareness, promoting dialogue, or maybe, just pressing the pause button to your routine life. Well, we all need a day, right? Sometimes, it's just about being able to say '#DidNotWorkToday.' Take that, routine!

A Day for the Books... or Tweets

Surprisingly, National Strike Day doesn’t trace its roots to any major historical event or defining labor moment. But isn't that the beauty of the internet? It doesn’t need a cause backed by a history book for celebration. A tweet, post, or a meme is enough to unite us and set a trend. Ah, the delightful chaos of the internet world! Cause or not, National Strike Day is here, and it probably isn't going anywhere.

Did you know?

Did you know that according to our data, the most mentions of National Strike Day occurred on February 16, 2017? It totally strikes us as the day π was irrationally disappointed to be out of the spotlight.


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1st April 2015

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16th February 2017

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