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One scoop, two scoop, how about three? Wait, don't forget the toppings! That's right folks, we're talking about National Sundae Day, a day dedicated to the ultimate dessert treat that has paved its own delicious way in the world of sweets. Welcome to our scoop-ful journey, through every drizzle of hot fudge and cherry on top, as we explore this delightful day of dessert appreciation.

When is Sundae Day?

It's national sundae day on the 11th November.

A Sweet History

On November 11th, sweet tooths around the country unite to celebrate National Sundae Day. Historically, the birth of the ice cream sundae can be traced back to the late 19th century, with several U.S cities claiming the honor. From Wisconsin to Illinois, it seems everybody craves the recognition as much as the dessert itself. However, it's undeniable that the sundae has since found its way into the hearts (and stomachs!) of people all over the world.

Online Buzzing

According to our data, we recorded 2596 mentions of National Sundae Day online. Talk about a trending topic! The most mentions were on November 11, 2016, probably a sweet coincidence of it being post-election season. Perhaps people sought solace in the creamy goodness of sundaes following a tiresome election year!

How To Celebrate?

Amid the online mentions is a treasure trove of sundae inspiration - from people sharing photos of their creative concoctions to dessert parlors promoting their luscious specials. Some go traditional with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and a cherry on top, while others get wacky with matcha ice cream and caramel popcorn (don’t knock it till you try it!). So why not join in the fun and make your sundae on this fantastic day!

History behind the term 'Sundae'


The birth of the ice cream sundae

In 1892, the term 'sundae' made its debut, with the creation of the ice cream sundae. It is believed to have originated in the small town of Evanston, Illinois. Due to the strict religious beliefs of the time, ice cream sodas were not allowed to be sold on Sundays. In response, some clever individuals decided to serve a dish of ice cream without the soda as a way to enjoy a sweet treat on Sundays. This simple and brilliant idea led to the birth of the ice cream sundae.


The spelling change

In 1893, the spelling of the term 'sundae' went through a slight modification. To avoid any association with the Sabbath, the spelling was altered from 'Sunday' to 'sundae'. This new spelling helped to differentiate the delightful ice cream treat from the religious day of the week. From then on, the spelling 'sundae' became the standard and is still used today.


The hot fudge revolution

The year 1904 marked a significant milestone in the history of the sundae with the introduction of hot fudge sauce. One of the earliest records of hot fudge sundaes comes from a hotel in Cleveland, Ohio. The delectable combination of cold ice cream and warm, gooey fudge became an instant hit. Hot fudge sundaes quickly gained popularity across the country, forever changing the way people enjoyed their ice cream treats.


The proliferation of toppings

During the 1930s, sundae toppings began to flourish. From whipped cream and cherries to nuts and sprinkles, the variety of toppings available for sundaes expanded greatly. Ice cream parlors and soda fountains became creative with their offerings, allowing customers to personalize their sundaes with a wide range of delicious toppings. This era marked the start of the endless possibilities when it comes to creating the perfect sundae.


Sundaes as a symbol of indulgence

Today, sundaes have become a symbol of indulgence and enjoyment. They are not only a dessert but also a classic treat that brings people together. Sundaes can be found in various forms and flavors, from traditional banana splits to extravagant ice cream concoctions piled high with toppings. The term 'sundae' has transcended its humble beginnings and has become synonymous with pure, creamy delight.

Did you know?

Heading for a sundae DIY? Here's a fun fact: the classic toppings for a sundae are hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. But bananas, sprinkles, nuts, and marshmallows make delicious appearances too. The best part? No rules apply when it comes to your sundae!


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