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Loosen that belt buckle, folks, because do we have a fiesta in store for you! Mark your calendars, for we're about to dive deep into the spicy and savory world of National Taco Day, the day that taco lovers around the globe have been impatiently waiting for.

When is Taco Day?

It's national taco day on the 4th October.

The Legend of National Taco Day

The world first started officially celebrating their love for this beloved dish on National Taco Day on 4th October. But if you're wondering where it all began, well, let's taco 'bout it! We detected a whopping 118217 mentions online, with an explosion noted on 04 Oct 2016. Time sure does fly when you're eating tacos.

Why all the Taco Love?

Could it be the satisfying crunch of a crispy shell, the playful jumble of fillings, or the eccentric blend of flavorsising from spiced meats, cheese, and tangy salsa? Or the joy of customizing it to your heart's content - there's no judgment here if you prefer your tacos sans onions! Whatever the reason, there seems to be a universal love for these hand-held delights, which is celebrated in full spirit on this fun and delicious day.

How to Celebrate?

Get out there and get eating! Visit your local taqueria or whip up some homemade specialties. Indulge in a hard-shell beef taco, or if you're feeling adventurous, bravely explore the realms of an unconventional breakfast taco. Don't forget to share your to-die-for tacos with loved ones! This day is all about spreading the taco love bountifully.

The Legacy of the Taco Day

As we wrap up, let's take a moment to appreciate how National Taco Day has not only tickled our taste buds but also brought foodies together from coast to coast in joyful camaraderie. Let's continue to spread the love, not just on 4th October, but every day!

History behind the term 'Taco'


The Aztecs introduce the tortilla

In 1520, the Aztecs in Mexico introduced the tortilla, a round and flat bread made from maize (corn) or wheat. The tortilla was a staple food in the Aztec diet and was used as a base for various dishes.

18th century

The word 'taco' emerges

During the 18th century, the term 'taco' emerged in Mexican Spanish. The word originally referred to small dynamite charges made of paper and gunpowder used in silver mines. Over time, the term began to be used to describe the folded tortillas filled with meat, vegetables, and condiments.

19th century

Street food stalls popularize tacos

In the 19th century, street food stalls known as 'taquerías' started popping up in Mexico, serving tacos as a quick and affordable meal option. These stalls played a significant role in popularizing tacos among the working class. Tacos became known for their versatility, allowing different fillings and flavors to suit individual preferences.


Taco recipe published in the US

In 1905, a cookbook titled 'California Mexican-Spanish Cookbook' by Bertha Haffner-Ginger was published in the United States. This cookbook included a recipe for tacos, introducing the concept to a broader audience outside of Mexico. Slowly, tacos gained popularity in the US and became a part of American cuisine.


Fast-food chains introduce tacos

In the 1960s, fast-food chains such as Taco Bell started incorporating tacos into their menus. These chains added their own twist to the traditional taco, catering to the American taste buds. The convenience and affordability of fast-food tacos contributed to their widespread popularity in the US, eventually making tacos one of the most beloved American foods.

Present day

Tacos globalize and diversify

Tacos have now become a global phenomenon, enjoyed by people of various cultures and countries. They have evolved to include a wide range of fillings, including beef, chicken, fish, and even vegetarian options. Tacos have become a symbol of multiculturalism and an emblem of the fusion of flavors from different culinary traditions.

Did you know?

Did you know that tacos pre-date the Europeans in Mexico and were discovered to be the food of choice for some of the earliest settlers there? They were referred to as 'Tlaxcalli' in the native Nahuatl language.


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