National Take A Hike Day

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Do you remember the feeling of grass between your toes, the breeze in your face, and the sweet aroma of earthly wilderness? Let's see if walking down memory lane doesn't leave you with pine needles in your socks, as we explore National Take a Hike Day!

When is Take A Hike Day?

It's national take a hike day on the 17th November.

A Walk in The Park, Literally!

For most of us, 'take a hike' might invoke memories of sourly-taken suggestions to go away, but fear not, we're about to reclaim the phrase! National Take a Hike Day celebrates the joy of walking in the wilderness. Commemorated annually on November 17, this day invites everyone to lace up their hiking boots and head out into the great outdoors. Contrary to most internet rumours, there isn’t a single known council of hikers who first proclaimed this day - it was the collective spirit of the online hiking communities.

Why All The Hoopla?

Our tracking algorithm, more prolific than a mountain goat on a Starbucks binge, detected around 5999 mentions of National Take a Hike Day in 2020's global cyberspace. The day hikes its way to its peak popularity on November 17, 2020. Coincidence? We think not!

To the Mountains and Back

The philosophy of this day isn't to scale Everest but just to breathe in the nature around you. Your nearby park counts as well, so don't get lost in remote mountains without reception. After all, if you can't post about it, did it even happen?

Muddy Boots and Happy Hearts

Throw on plaid, pack a picnic, and spend time with your loved ones. It's an opportunity to disconnect from our screens and connect with nature, and make punny 'walking is in-tents' jokes. So pick up your stick and spoilers, it’s not just for getting a reprieve from your co-workers' never-ending cat stories.

History behind the term 'Take A Hike'


The Birth of 'Take a Hike'

The phrase 'take a hike' first appeared in print in 1921, originating in the United States. It was commonly used as a friendly way to tell someone to go away or leave. The term 'take a hike' was seen as a more polite alternative to saying 'get lost' or 'go away.' It quickly gained popularity due to its catchy and lighthearted nature.


Influenced by the Great Outdoors

During the 1940s, the phrase 'take a hike' gained a deeper connotation influenced by the popularity of outdoor activities and exploration. Hiking became increasingly popular and was seen as a recreational pursuit in nature. The term 'take a hike' began to be associated with encouraging someone to embrace the great outdoors and enjoy the benefits of nature.


Countercultural Influence

In the 1970s, the counterculture movement in the United States heavily embraced the term 'take a hike.' This movement emphasized the rejection of mainstream societal norms and values. 'Take a hike' became a popular expression used by those who wished to break free from societal expectations and explore alternative lifestyles. The phrase symbolized the desire to escape from the constraints of daily life and find freedom in nature.


Modern Usage and Pop Culture

From the 1980s onwards, 'take a hike' entered mainstream pop culture and continued to be a colloquial expression used in various contexts. It appeared in movies, songs, and everyday conversations. The phrase's association with adventure, independence, and self-discovery made it an appealing choice in advertising campaigns, encouraging people to explore new possibilities or try outdoor activities. Today, 'take a hike' remains a widely recognized and endearing term, encompassing the spirit of adventure and the rejuvenating power of nature.

Did you know?

Did you know, the phrase 'Take a hike' originally meant to 'get lost', but in this context it's encouraging you to actually go out and hike!


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