National Tall Girl Appreciation Day

A young woman, elegantly tall, stands confidently amidst a vibrant cityscape. She is dressed in fashionable attire, wearing a stylish hat and strutting in her tallest pair of heels. The scene radiates celebration, as people from all walks of life gather to applaud and appreciate the beauty and grace of tall girls. The atmosphere is charged with excitement, reminiscent of a lively carnival. At the heart of it all, a banner reads 'National Tall Girl Appreciation Day.'.
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The wobbly world of web chatter might have us question the existence of peculiar things - or days - like the National Tall Girl Appreciation Day, but folks, it's as real as the coffee staining your shirt right now. Pull out those high heeled shoes and get ready to measure the height of fun on this day, observed particularly (according to our stats) with peak enthusiasm on the 20th June 2020.

When is Tall Girl Appreciation Day?

It's national tall girl appreciation day on the 20th June.

A Brief History

The first flicker of National Tall Girl Appreciation may have started as a reverberating echo in the hallways of internet chatrooms. Our data points show that the idea soon stretched - quite like our vertically blessed ladies - to reach a height of popularity with 342 web mentions. Reveling in the love for all things elevated, the web community collectively stood up (or needed no extra elevation) to salute tall girls on this day!

Celebrating the Vertical Victory

The 20th of June, 2020 saw a sudden leap in chatter for this day. Why then, you may ask? One possible reason could be that the day is nestled comfortably close to the summer solstice - the longest day of the year - making it a fitting nod to the longest (tallest) lovelies we know.

Pinnacle of Participation

A glorious toast to all the towering temptresses, this day rolled out the (long) red carpet for the tall girls. The web lit up with an outpouring of appreciation, celebration, and admiration for tall girls everywhere, with a colorful carnival that spilled from virtual participation into real-life commemorations. People took to social media to share their pictures or stories, while others participated by tagging and expressing their love for the tall ladies in their lives.

No Shortage of Fun

Though the day might seem to exist at an elevated level, its true beauty lies in its grounded message of love, acceptance, and confidence. So whether you're breaking out your tallest pair of heels, or sharing a moment with a tall girl pal or loved one, remember, the path to real fun has no height restrictions!

History behind the term 'Tall Girl Appreciation'


The rise of the 'tall girl' concept

In 2009, the term 'tall girl' began to gain traction as a concept, referring to women who were above average height. It started to attract attention in various social media platforms, such as forums and blogs, where individuals started discussing the challenges and advantages of being a tall woman.


The emergence of 'tall girl appreciation'

By 2011, the idea of 'tall girl appreciation' started to become more prominent. It was an acknowledgment of the unique beauty and grace possessed by taller women. This idea resonated with many, and it quickly gained popularity, particularly in online communities centered around fashion, beauty, and self-acceptance.


The 'tall girl appreciation' movement gains momentum

In 2014, the 'tall girl appreciation' movement gained significant momentum. It became a means of celebrating and empowering tall women, challenging societal beauty standards that often favor shorter heights. This movement aimed to combat height-related insecurities and promote self-confidence among tall girls and women.


The impact of media and role models

In 2016, the impact of media and the rise of influential role models further cemented the 'tall girl appreciation' concept. Tall women, such as models and actresses, started gaining more visibility and recognition for their unique beauty and talents. Their presence in the media helped to inspire and normalize the idea of celebrating tall girls.


The establishment of 'Tall Girl Appreciation Day'

In 2019, the celebration of 'Tall Girl Appreciation Day' was officially established. It became an annual event dedicated to celebrating the beauty, strength, and achievements of tall girls and women worldwide. On this day, various activities, including fashion shows, seminars, and social media campaigns, are organized to promote self-love and body positivity.

Did you know?

Do you know why the 20th June might have witnessed higher activity? Because the day is closest to the summer solstice - the longest day of the year. What a way to celebrate our girls who add a little 'extra' to life, right?


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