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Imagine a world where we all could solve calculus problems in our sleep and ace literature essays without breaking a sweat. Sadly, this isn't Harry Potter and we don't have magic potions for that. However, what we do have are some amazing humans who work day in, day out to make this world a little less scary and a whole lot more knowledgeable - our beloved teachers. Presenting the fascinating journey of National Teacher Day that celebrates their untiring efforts!

When is Teacher Day?

It's national teacher day on the 5th May.

A Brief History

While the origin of chalk and dusters might be a debate for another day, it's curious to know when celebrating National Teacher Day actually began. Our internet scans found 12098 mentions of this special day. While there's been mentions every year, an unprecedented number of wishes were bestowed upon our academic heroes on 05 May 2020. Well, if parenthood didn't come with instructions, shifting school to Zoom definitely didn't.

Why We Celebrate

Ever from managing fiasco in the form of un-muted mics to patiently repeating lessons, our teachers have a funny way of always showing up like superheroes without capes. National Teacher Day is a small token of our appreciation to let them know that their efforts haven't gone unnoticed. So, whether it's trying to pronounce 'photosynthesis' in third grade or surviving organic chemistry in high school, let's face it, we owe a lot of our 'I made it through' moments to these teachers and this day reminds us to thank them for that.

How We Celebrate

While there's no established rule that you have to bake apple pie or knit a sweater as a token of appreciation, a simple thank you note or a heartfelt message could brighten up their day. If you're feeling crafty, why not create a digital card or even better, write a thank you email in a foreign language? We hear your Spanish teacher could use a little cheering up!

History behind the term 'Teacher'

2600 BCE

Birth of the Sumerian Scribe

In ancient Sumer, individuals called scribes were responsible for recording and preserving written knowledge. These scribes were the earliest known predecessors to teachers, as they passed down their knowledge and skills to future generations.

500 BCE

The Athenian Tutor

In ancient Athens, tutors known as paidagogoi played a crucial role in educating young boys. They focused on teaching reading, writing, and basic arithmetic, as well as molding their moral character and behavior. The term 'paidagogoi' eventually evolved into the modern word 'pedagogue', which refers to an educator or teacher.

19th Century CE

The Emergence of Modern Teaching

With the rise of compulsory education and the establishment of formal schools in the 19th century, the role of teachers became more standardized. Teachers were tasked with imparting knowledge to large groups of students, using textbooks and following prescribed lesson plans. This marked the beginning of the modern teaching profession as we know it today.

20th Century CE

Pedagogical Innovations

Throughout the 20th century, various teaching methods and pedagogical approaches emerged. Progressive educators like John Dewey emphasized student-centered learning, where teachers acted as facilitators rather than just dispensers of knowledge. The profession saw advancements in educational psychology, curriculum development, and specialized teaching roles, such as special education teachers.

Present Day

The Digital Educator

In the digital age, teachers have embraced technology as a powerful tool for education. They incorporate multimedia resources, online platforms, and interactive tools to enhance learning experiences. Teachers today go beyond traditional classroom boundaries, engaging with students globally through virtual classrooms and distance learning programs.

Did you know?

The largest ever teachers' strike in the world was in Colombia in 1977, where over 80,000 teachers protested to improve working conditions. No, they were not asking for less homework!


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